Jumping rope isn’t just for kids. Punk rope, a strenuous workout that involves jump roping, calisthenics, fitness games, relay races, and core training, is the latest innovative exercise program to hit Baristaville. It was created by personal trainer and USA Track & Field coach Tim Haft, who ran a workshop at the Montclair YMCA last weekend to train punk rope teachers. Local health and wellness maven Alma Schneider was among the 11 fitness instructors, personal trainers and teachers who passed the certification.

Haft describes punk rope as “recess the way you wanted it to be when you were a kid.” He says the name doesn’t come from the music played, which also includes rock, jazz, techno and even classical–but to an attitude. “We are non-corporate. We don’t charge licensing fees. It’s not about racking up profits, it’s about getting people healthy,” says Haft.

Would you attend a punk rope class? What’s your favorite workout and why?

5 replies on “Punk Rope Is Jump Rope For Everyone”

  1. I would love this. I took a boxing class at dFit that I loved, which involves a bit of jump roping.

    I enjoy doing things that don’t “feel” like I’m doing exercise. I won’t last more than 20 minutes on a machine, but if I’m doing something fun I can stay motivated.

  2. Alma passed? What a shocker. Hey Schneider we know you are not human so really can you stop making us fat lazy moms look so bad?

    With that said I would be the first in line if she taught a class. You up for it GG?

  3. You guys are too much! Truth be told , I want this class in Montclair and am hoping that one of the other recently trained Punk Rope instructors will teach it at the Y. If that doesn’t happen, you may be seeing me in a Sid Vicious get up teaching you punkrope. I will count on the two of you to be my first students :-).
    I will say that this was an awesome way to exercise and incredibly effective. I have been jumping rope for 15 years and want to dispel the myth that mothers can’t jump rope, if you know what I mean…

  4. OK, another mom here (turned 50 last winter and recently lost 24 lbs.) who is intrigued by this…I’m also looking for a fun way to exercise and would like to see a class near Montclair/Glen Ridge. It really looks like fun!

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