Update: We’re hearing of power outage in the area of Watchung Ave. and N. Mountain.

Along with a wind advisory in effect until midnight, we’re now under a tornado watch until 7pm for Essex County.

I was born and raised in Kansas, and have seen my share of fascinating twisters. As a kid, I’d watch them from many miles away on the flat prairie and still feel pretty safe. But I never want to see one here. If I do, I won’t waste a minute watching–I’ll be too busy herding my family to the basement.

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  1. Unfortunately it’s not happening Liz… Petitte will have to wait… If you don’t feel like driving lately I’ve been taking the train from Bay St to NYPenn , hop on A to 59th switch to D…to get there , it’s a breeze.

  2. This is indeed a result of our profligate ways. If I believed in God, I would believe that this is His Wrath upon pathetic, ungrateful Mankind. But I don’t believe in God. I believe in the utter goodness of humanity, which unfortunately is being gassed into oblivion with carbon dioxide.

  3. To abishag’s point, Kansas does seem rather different – it probably has more of those folks who expect government handouts, usually of the disaster relief variety, mostly due to the high frequency of tornado events out there in the Great Plains.
    Ayn Rand would not be pleased ! What a bunch of 47 percenters !

  4. When my friend in Massachusetts had a tornado in her state once, she couldn’t believe it – a tornado in NEW ENGLAND? By the way, doesn’t Major League Baseball honor tickets for games that make up for rained-out games? It should.

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