Amaranth-summer poinsettia

Last Wednesday was officially International Walk  to School Day and while we do this most everyday my group of walkers have been particularly observant of all the changes taking place around them. From the moment we walked out of our front door we saw our boxwoods covered in tiny spider webs. The kids thought I did it for Halloween but we later discovered that our orb weaver friends may have had eggs that hatched.

Stinkhorns emerging from the earth

It looks as though this may be the practice web work of the babies after they perhaps ate one or two of their siblings. It was a bit freaky but nothing like this.

Stinkhorn mushrooms

Later in our walk to school we found some of the most bizarre looking mushrooms called stinkhorns. My son though they looked like a rocket launchers with a button and my daughter thought they looked burning matches. Thank the lord for my children’s ability to see past what I was thinking.

The leaves are changing, morning glories are busting out in bright blue, the amaranth-summer poinsettias are on fire and people are hauling out zombies from their basements for Halloween. What flora and fauna changes have you noticed lately?

3 replies on “Ch-ch-changes in Montclair”

  1. I don’t believe I have ever seen a stinkhorn. I’ll have to look for them on my next hike through Mills. My basil is about to die but for some strange reason my phlox has decided to come back. I love this time of year. Thanks for the great photos, Holly.

  2. Great photos, Holly.
    For the first time this year, we are noticing that cardinals crave the seed pods on hosta bushes.

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