These oil paintings of U.S. presidents shooting pool can be purchased locally by political aficionados from both sides of the aisle:

The art gallery and frame shop Wade Maxx on Valley Road in Upper Montclair is selling the artwork for $295 framed on canvas, and $150 unframed. (They sort of remind me of this.) The artist, Andy Thomas, is best known for his depictions of the American West.

“What’s fun is seeing people’s reactions to the paintings. Kids, especially, are excited to point out Obama,” says Rita Maxx, the shop’s owner.

She says the paintings of Democrats are outselling those of Republicans 8:4. And which presidential candidate is Maxx planning to vote for in November? “I’m a Republican, but I voted for Obama. I’ll probably vote for him again. I really didn’t like Romney’s ’47 percent’ comment.”

These paintings would make great conversation pieces for your debate viewing party tomorrow night. Which would you buy?

Wade Maxx Art & Framing

618 Valley Road, Montclair



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  1. And they will look ever s-o-o-o good next to my sofa-sized “Dogs Playing Poker,” the Elvis on black velvet, and my Kincaid painting of a McDonald’s in a cottage in Wales. At sunset. Gag.

  2. Damn! Now I have to quit Baristanet… no, that’s okay, I have agreed (mostly in the past) with Herb on lots of things. Although I am w-a-y left of the salad fork and he is w-a-y right of the soup spoon, it does take all kinds to add up to 47%.

  3. At first I thought this was pretty silly. But then I thought further, and considering that each President speaks about the “exclusive” club they belong to, I have to admit there is more than just a cute charm to the pix (and of course it’s reminder of the Dogs).

    But for a moment, looking at the pix, I’m reminded that each came from nothing. Or something. I think of the little black boy in Indonesia working studying with his mom, Nixon and all his flaws, but his determination, Clinton being inspired by Kennedy, and standing up to his drunk step-dad to protect his mom. And even Reagan, having to overcome being seen as a joke.

    But anyone calling himself a Republican who voted for Obama, and will again because of Romney’s 47% comment, ain’t a real Republican. Kinda like a Democrat not voting for Obama because of his 57 States comments or “blaming” (I won’t say lying) Benghazi on a video no one saw.

    Still, I wish the store well!!

  4. Re: my “came from nothing. Or something” comment: Not to confuse those who don’t get it: I enjoy that our Presidents can come from poverty or wealth and still be good men, who only seek the good of America.

  5. They showed a couple of clips of Reagan debating Carter on the news last night — his famous “there you go again” one-liner. He had a very wry sense of humor and better timing than Jack Benny. That he cared nothing about the actual act of governing was beside the point — he was Spokesman-In-Chief. Because we have a previous engagement for Wednesday evening, I am debating recording either the debate or the umpteenth rerun of “The Big Bang Theory.” They are both about Theoretical Physics in a way, but I am not sure which show is going to be funnier…

  6. Lincoln belongs in the room with the Democrats, no matter what party he was affiliated with in his day.

  7. A huge part of Reagan’s success was his ability to draw support from voters who had been reliable Democrats for years. These “Reagan Democrats” are still around, and still merit attention from candiadtes from both parties who want to be successful.

    So to say that someone “ain’t a real Republican” because he or she will vote for Obama — even twice — is dumb. It would make for a far better outcome, in my view, if ALL voters went for the candidate who best represented their views and hopes. Then, “real Democrats” (like me, for example) could vote for a Republican (like I did for Christie, as did many others). Making party line affiliation a requiement for “real” party membership is, well, dumb.

  8. And Andrew Jackson probably belongs more with the Republicans.

    But why no painting with some of both? I suppose that wouldn’t be a big seller these days.

  9. spiro Lincoln is exactly where he belongs. Woodrow Wilson is exactly where he belongs as well , at the table with the most racist party in our nations history. Wilson could be the most racist president ever and yes………..another Democrat.

  10. Cro, take over — I have a flight to catch to our country’s new spiritual home, China. (Or it will be after Bain gets elected.) Talk to you later.

  11. Hope you’re not flying American Airlines, Conan, or you’ll really be “rolling in the aisles”.

  12. Yeah, herb, I ‘ve heard you say that before, but it doesn’t hold water – the Dixiecrats and of course, northerners who shared their views, flocked en masse to the modern Republican party during LBJ’s time, when he safeguarded the right of blacks to vote. Boy were they mad.

    Of course, George Wallace picked up the devotees that Nixon didn’t. The 1967-68 race riots (and anti-war protests ) didn’t please that crowd, either, and that sped up the defection. Most joined Nixon’s “Silent Majority” after they simmered down, and later, Reagan’s “Moral Majority”. Ha, what a term. They weren’t too keen on Nixon’s Section 8 housing program, however. Now they are also pissed off at Nixon’s EPA. And who can forget Reagan’s “welfare queen” comment?

    Too bad you missed those heady days, herb, they were memorable, and they help explain the modern voting map in a big way. So, now if you want to see a racist placard, often featuring poor spelling or a drawing of the POTUS with a bone through his nose, you’d have to go to the fringes of a Tea Party rally, not a Huffpo fund raiser.

  13. jcunningham,

    I know you people here on B’ville look to me for research and rational thought. However, in the case Wilson’s racism, it’s all out there. Unlike spiro who often resorts to policies 30, 40 years old to make his point, I just don’t care enough to create a long post about Wilson and 90 year pollicy. Everything from segregating the Navy to removing many black federal workers from their positions. Just google it.

  14. I thought that removing workers from federal positions is what you folks are all about?

    Gee whiz, you can’t please you folks!

  15. Ah cro, in the old days- back in 2008, we used to read the ENTIRE sentence and comment.

    But here’s what I wrote:
    “But anyone calling himself a Republican who voted for Obama, and will again because of Romney’s 47% comment, ain’t a real Republican.”

    To suggest that I what I wrote or believe is that any Repub who voted for Obama, “’ain’t a real Republican,” is the dumb move.

    But in your (tired, tired, boring, but worse: expected) manner, I guess that’s asking too much of you.

    Oh well, “Real Democrats” (like you!!) can… No what, I’m already bored, I have to go to the tailor. Enjoy proving your worth!

  16. spiro , are you still on that southern stategy kick? In ’60 , 1 in 3 black voters went for Republicans. I think the loss of black voters by the Republican Party in 1964 had more to do with Goldwaters opposition to the Civil Rights Act than this ‘southern strategy” non-sense.

  17. I’ve already moved on from your dumb comment, prof. You seldom merit more that a moment’s attention.

    But of course you’ve GREATLY clarified things. We now know that you’re not a “real Republican” if you would vote for a Democrat based on a statement said Democrat made.


    Does the tailor greet as Mr. Leach? Or simply, “Hey, dopey!”

  18. Okay, so back to the artwork–I’ve used this shop for framing, and they do a good job, but the stuff in the windows? Ugh. My kids and I do have fun looking at some of the local art (e.g. the “painting” or whatever it is of a crowd at Raymond’s), so that’s something.

  19. Jcunningham (surely not the NJ historian?), you’re showing your historical ignorance above to some degree. The modern KKK was in fact created during the Wilson administration (by under-employed pr execs facing a slow year) and began growing as Wilson pursued his silly dream of the “League of Nations.” The Klan of course exploited a certain form of American impatience with foreign entanglements, an impatience only aggravated by the somewhat unpopular in the US WWI.

    There is also the famous, possibly apocryphal tale of Wilson telling D.W. Griffith at the premiere of his “Birth Of A Nation” (which the Klan later showed for recruitment purposes) how much he agreed with the film’s, uh, “message.” It is certainly well-attested that Wilson and Griffith swapped fond memories of their respective fathers’ service in the Confederate armed forces.

    And it wasn’t Reagan’s “Moral Majority,” Spiro. Really. As you might even recall if you searched your brain (the jury is out on whether you also have a true heart), Reagan was in fact even our first divorced President. Unlike so many before or since, however, he does not seem to have had a mistress while serving as President. Like the Obamas, Ronnie and Nancy seemed a genuine love match.

  20. And Spiro, while Strom Thurmond ran as the Dixiecrats’ candidate in ’47, he returned to the open arms of the Democratic party for many years after that quixotic run for the Presidency of the Confederacy. That they accepted him back is no credit to the Democratic party. (Perhaps you’ve also forgotten Senator Robert Byrd’s yeoman service as a Kleagle for the Klan during the same period. Again, the Democratic party never seemed to hold this against him.)

  21. A little incomplete history, of course, from Major Hoople.

    Thurmand refused to endorse the Democrat Adlai Stevenson in 1952, instead supporting DDE, and so was denied the Democratic party’s endorsement in 1954. I guess then that Eisenhower should have been “ashamed” to take that endorsement.
    Thurmand won as a write-in in 1954 and did return to the Dems for a time, but left in 1964 for the welcoming arms of the Republican Party, where he found many like-minded souls.
    Perhaps that is “no credit” to the Republican Party.

  22. I would say that spending almost 20 post-WWII years in return to the Democratic fold does indeed constitute a span of “many years,” croiagusanam. However fractious those years were. Perhaps not in your skewed universe, sure, but elsewhere, yes.

    I do salute how quickly you probably sped to Wikipedia or some similar site in an attempt to one-up me,however. (And you’re showing your age, grandfather, by referencing Major Hoople.)

  23. So many ‘like minded souls” where over 80% of Republicans in both houses supported both versions of the Civil Rights Act of ’64 and the average of the racist Dems in both houses supporting it? under 65%. Yup, those racist republicans again. Despite what spiro claims about some ‘southern strategy’ and Nixon. The blacks flocked to support FDR during his term and though they may have trickled back at the beginning of the 60’s, Goldwater’s not supporting that is what pretty much ended that support.

  24. Yes, I was going to mention the Civil Rights Act of ’64, but you beat me to it, Herb. This fact, and the ones about the Klan’s connection to the Democrat Party, are conveniently ignored and swept under the rug whenever this discussion comes up.

  25. cathar, I agree with your 3:16 post – Byrd’s unsavory past should not have been swept under the rug, yet the Democratic party rallied around him.
    Kinda reminds me of this year’s Republican efforts to bolster Todd Aiken – despite his rape comment. History repeats itself.

  26. It’s all a part of the Democrat strategy. You know convince minorities that Republicans are racist. Meanwhile maintaining a strong hold on that voting block through politcal scare tactics and lies. That’s why pretty much every city run by the Dem machine is in shambles. Save for a few dem politicians that line their pockets and give jobs to their friends, family while the rest of the city lives in poverty and run down conditions. The dems want to control them and keep’em down. Sure every once they throw them a free cell phone to keep their support but overall they do nothing for them to improve their lives. Herb grew up in a place like this , he’s seen it. You know the dem politicos throwing parties for themselves while forcing city workers to come pay their respect and leave a donation. Keep the unions happy, a few local community leaders happy, line the war chest and they can last a long time in politics and eff those struggling . Heck, Republicans most of the time don’t even bother running anymore. The story is the same all over and though i feel badly for the people that live like this but you get the government you deserve. Sad.

  27. Hey spiro resulting to lies now.

    “Kinda reminds me of this year’s Republican efforts to bolster Todd Aiken”

    With the exception of santorum and a few others nobody supports him Romney asked him to quit race. You’re lying spiro , you’re better than that. This isn’t the Daily Kos old boy, we’ll call you out on your lies. I did read that McCaskill is so bad that Aiken is still in the race despite having no money and his adds being pulled off the air do to lack of funds.

  28. We can post all we want, herb, but the fact is that the country is split roughly on down the middle, and Romney blew his chances with his 47 percent comment. His sidekick Ryan is already looking for a new project once he loses. Your punching bag Obama will win, and, anyway, despite your disagreement with his policies, you have to admit he’s a decent man, and even has herb’s best interests at heart, despite all efforts by sore losers to reduce him to a terrifying figment of a paranoid person’s imagination, or a ghost in an empty chair.

  29. I am indeed a proud grandfather, cathar. Should I attempt to downplay that? Are you one of those tiresome youth- infatuated Americans who rush off to the Botox clinic in a futile attempt to turn back the hands of time? Likely you are. Ah well, each fool to his folly. I’d venture that there are no ctahra grandchildren, nor offspring of any kind. It would require leaving the basement in order to sire, you know.

    I really don’t need Wikipedia to parry with you though. Of course you know that Wikipedia, by the way, is no longer the laughing stock it once was (YOU, however…. ). The fact is, you simply spew the most outrageous half-baked nonsense and figure that no one will ever call you on it. When they do, you fall back on the old age or whatever insult in order to deflect attention from your own foolishness. It is diagnostic, I’m afraid.

  30. Aw herb, there you go again, you know, spiro doesn’t lie, he just shares what he sees on Mitch want a majority in the senate, real bad. Todd is the ticket.

  31. Honestly herb, all of the effort to identify the 19th and 20th century Democrats or Republicans as the most racist is a perfect example of the party of pots condemning the party of pans.

  32. just checked out your August link about Aiken, herb. Things have changed since then. Time to refresh your browser.

  33. There is a portrait of only one president present in both pictures. Maybe as a reminder of how far we fallen in terms of leadership. Sure all the presidents did what they thought was best even if it was misguided but none of them could carry Washington’s jock. We need a leader like that again…

  34. You people have it all wrong about these paintings :

    As can be seen, this is nothing more than a friendly game of tag team pool between a bunch of former and current chief executives – the two groups are simply facing each other for opposite sides of the same room.

    And secondly – these guys are clearly in the middle of a beer and shot break, collectively laughing their asses off at Ulysses S Grant and Franklin Pierce – both of whom probably got too inebriated and are now in the rest room barfing their guts out, while missing out on the portrait festivities.

    Now that my friends, is bipartisanship.

  35. Somewhat funny that Jefferson – who supposedly put the dome at Monticello to hide a (then illegal in Virgina) pool table – is not in either…

  36. spiro, Mizzou is all a part of the Republicans ‘southern , midwest strategy” . It all started during the election cycle of 19……” heh heh

  37. good morning herb, I red the spin on the matter, but here is a quote from Nixon’s strategist Kevin Phillips, in a 1970 interview:

    “From now on, the Republicans are never going to get more than 10 to 20 percent of the Negro vote and they don’t need any more than that…but Republicans would be shortsighted if they weakened enforcement of the Voting Rights Act. The more Negroes who register as Democrats in the South, the sooner the Negrophobe whites will quit the Democrats and become Republicans. That’s where the votes are. Without that prodding from the blacks, the whites will backslide into their old comfortable arrangement with the local Democrats.”

  38. yup, it had nothing to do with the R’s Presidential candidate Goldwater and weakening support dating back to FDR. Yup spiro, and wearing briefs causes sterility and we never made it to the moon.

  39. BTW -tough night for herbie. Do I watch Romney crush Obama ( The Dems already making excuses, (‘he didn’t prepare” and “challenger always wins first debate”) or do I watch my beloved Yanks big big game….to be honest I’m going with Yanks.

    Hey’ B’net is the anti-Romney debate article finished already? Write it today and then tonight just fill in a few quotes and you’re all set.

  40. Gd Morning spiro, I apologize for getting down to buisness so quickly and failing to ackowledge your greet.

  41. You have to love herb.
    He wants to know when the anti-Romney article will be written by B’net, in the same post where he’s already decided that Romney crushed Obama.

    That’s my boy! Always open-minded and willing to consider another viewpoint!

  42. Herb? You are a Yankee fan, too? Now I have to support both Obama and the Orioles? This is getting too complicated. Let’s highjack another thread.

  43. Cro, I admit I’m bias and that’s the difference between herbie and b’net, next time I’ll spell things out better for ya.

  44. Oh I’ll bet there are LOTS of differences between herbie and b’net.

    But, I’d miss you both if you went away!

  45. “Somewhat funny that Jefferson – who supposedly put the dome at Monticello to hide a (then illegal in Virgina) pool table – is not in either…”

    I think he was out back with Sally …

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