December’s Image in the DLC Calendar

For many, this last weekend the shopping spirit moved them to get out and support local businesses and get ready for the holidays with purchases of decorations and gifts. But if you still need a thoughtful gift idea that also helps raise money for a worthy cause this season, you’re in luck. And it’s something that will be useful the whole year through. The Montclair Developmental Learning Center’s Parent Organization is holding a 2013 calendar sale to benefit this wonderful school as well as the artist, Justin Canha, nationally recognized autistic artist and alumnus of Montclair Public Schools.

The Montclair Developmental Learning Center, the Special Education Public School Program for children ages 3 through 5 years, is fundraising with a fun and colorful 2013 Children’s Wall Calendar – illustrated by Justin Canha, who was featured last year in The New York Times.

Each calendar is $20 for local pick up/drop off in Montclair, NJ and $23 per calendar for mail delivery.  For every $20 calendar sold, $6.32 is paid to the printing company, $7 is paid to Justin and $6.68 is paid to the DLC. So really, this calendar is benefitting not only the school, but also this young artist and his work.

Each page’s image has Justin’s take on what makes that month special. For more information about the project or to order a calendar or three, contact organizer Melissa Wish at her email address. Click here to email Melissa.

Ready to make your order now? You can send a check made out to The DLC Parent Organization to: DLC Parent Organization c/o Melissa Wish, 208 Gates Avenue, Montclair, NJ 07042.