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Joining Mister Rogers and Bob Ross, LeVar Burton of Reading Rainbow, an awesome show that aired on PBS from 1983 – 2006 is now remixed and spitting out knowledge:

“A book lets you zoom through time and space, but don’t bother packing, you can stay in one place!”

3 replies on “Reading Rainbow Remixed”

  1. First, a nitpick: The quote above should be “lets,” not “let’s.” Sorry, but if we’re extolling reading we probably should get it right. 🙂

    That said, a nice remix … and I wanted to make sure people knew that “melodysheep,” the same user who made this, is the person responsible for the “Symphony of Science” videos that use the same idea with a lot more people. Unless you’re hugely allergic to AutoTune, the Symphony of Science videos are absolutely terrific.

  2. I didn’t watch enough of Reading Rainbow as a child Tim. I would have much better grammar if I did. I’ve corrected my mistake.

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