Traffic lights are out at the intersection of Grove St. and Bellevue Ave. in Montclair. The problem appears to be caused by a large tree that fell on a power line at the intersection of Grove and Dryden Rd., also near Bellevue Ave. Crews are working in the area to fix the problem.

6 replies on “Tree Down And Traffic Lights Out In Montclair On Grove Near Bellevue”

  1. That means that the crossing guard at that intersection, who rarely emerges from his car, has never been observed actually assisting anyone to cross the street, and is in the running for the laziest and most superfluous public employee anywhere, ever, had the day off.

  2. I hear that standard tome from my Tea Party cousins in Georgia, deadeye. It’s like a snooze button – repeat until you throw the radio across the room. Gubmint employees are assumed lazy until proven productive. But things are looking up, deadeye – the NRA wants someone in every school with a uniform and a gun. I guess they’d be gubmint employees, too? Or would the private sector do a better job of it?

  3. I passed by it this morning at 8AM, and just drove by it again around 8PM. Both times I did not see any work crews. Just some poor cones freezing out in the cold.

  4. My friends on Union Street lost their power late last night as well and it’s still out. Anyone know anything more or if this is related to yesterday’s issues?

  5. The lights at this intersection are out again this evening of the 26th as I drove by at 6PM. Cones are out in the snow this time.

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