Two accidents in span for four minutes on Valley Road. Vehicles moved to William Street; ambulance on scene. Photo: James Fitzhenry

Winter Storm Freyr (named for a Norse fertility god, rhymes with fair) isn’t messing around. If you turned your back on Freyr for a few minutes, you may have been surprised to see how furiously the snow started falling in our area.

Weather Channel says it won’t be a blockbuster, but will produce “shovel-able” snow, up to five inches. On Twitter, a collective wow…

Photo: @fatbunnypress

One reply on “Winter Storm Freyr – Whole Lotta Snow Falling Down North Jersey (Updated)”

  1. It was extremely slippery. I was at the gym in Cedar Grove and since there wasn’t much sticking yet and I have 4-wheel drive – thought that Bradford would be safe – it wasn’t.

    There were cars lined up at the side of the road once you got to the hill crest (on both sides of the street). People started turning around on the crest – making it much more dangerous as they spun out while in reverse.

    I was too scared to turn around and opted to continue but felt that my judgement hadn’t been wise when a small car going westward passed me sliding sideways. Once I got into Montclair, Park St was pretty bad with barricades up at many intersections going south(they came out 1/2 way into the st blocking the entire lane.

    I picked up a sandwich at Cafe Claire Deli and drove home at a snails pace.

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