Souper Bowl

Deerfield Elementary School in Millburn participated in Souper Bowl XLVII. Students were able to cast their vote for their favorite team to win the Super Bowl XVLII by donating cans of soup for a local food pantry.

The results were 309 cans of soups for the Baltimore Ravens and 193 cans of soup for the San Francisco 49ers. The Baltimore Ravens are Deerfield’s projected winner, but the real winner is the Interfaith Food Pantry of the Oranges that will receive over 500 cans of soup from their Souper Bowl XLVII.

(Photo: Left to right:  Alana DeVirgilo, Jack DeVirgillo, Zachary Maitlin, Dante Popolillo, Jacob Dranoff, Evan DeVirgilio, Physical Education teacher, Eric Cantagallo and Aide, Lynn Cozzi.)