jandksteakSure, there are lots of places in and around Montclair where you can order a steak, but now there’s a steakhouse in Montclair: J & K Steakhouse, also of Morristown and Dover.

Located at 44 South Park Street, in the ground floor of the Siena building, J & K Steakhouse Montclair is a BYOB establishment. Check out the steak selection and dinner menu. Jarod Zelaya of J & K emailed to say he will be opening today, Tuesday, March 19th at 5:00 p.m. (call ahead at 973-746-7800).

J & K Steakhouse Montclair Opening TodayJ&K Steakhouse joins these other area restaurants devoted to steak.

  • Sam Mickail’s CUT Steakhouse, West Orange (where they serve a tremendous 18 oz. Tomahawk steak)
  • Delmonico, Cedar Grove (which opened with a celebrity co-owner, Soprano’s James Gandolfini)
  • Rare, Little Falls
  • Bloomfield Steak & Seafood, Bloomfield
  • Alexus Steakhouse, Clifton (a sports-bar like MSU favorite haunt)
  • Where do you go and what’s your favorite cut?

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  1. Where do you go and what’s your favorite cut?

    Anyplace that has clean floors and smells good. Filet.

  2. The best steak I ever had was at Peter Luger’s in Brooklyn but it’s a PITA to get there. And be prepared to wait. Arthur’s Steakhouse in Morristown is excellent, as is the chain Ruth’s Chris.

  3. I’m a Bloomfield Steak and Seafood fan, a nice filet and their crispy onions and I’m happpy.

    This is in the Siena building ? Does that mean the mold problem has been addressed and corrected ?

  4. $40 for a 10 oz Filet!!!! That’s more expensive than every great steak house in NYC. That better be the best cut of meat on the east coast or they will be out of business fast.

  5. Luger is the gold standard for me, however, nearly just as good is Ben & Jacks in Manhattan. Owned and operated by two long-time Luger employees. Two locations, although one is closed for renovations right now. Menus and quality are nearly identical. Easier to get to and oh, unlike Luger, they take plastic.

  6. I wish them luck, but with those prices this place won’t last until summer. $47 for a steak plus $10 for a side? Please… that’s above NYC prices. A dinner for 4 will look like a Montclair property tax bill…

  7. Only place i have seen in NJ that has dry-aged steaks. Worth the price. “Wet aged” steaks are cheaper and less tasty, but unfortunately have become standard around here.

  8. Correction – Bloomfield steakhouse has 1 dry-aged strip steak in addition to the other wet aged steaks. I have had it and its not bad for $39.

    Ben and Jacks in NYC is the best though.

  9. Home. Steaks are the easiest thing in the world to cook, and the wine is much cheaper there, too. I like smaller filets (6- to 8-oz.) or a 12-oz. New York Strip. You can get USDA Prime steaks at Mastriano’s on Broad street in Bloomfield. You can get them at Costco, too, for that matter, but my experience with their meat has been hit and miss. Whole Foods also sells dry-aged beef. Expensive? Yes. But at $40 for a 10-oz. cut, buying your own makes good sense.

  10. Hard to top Wolfgangs in my opinion. Best steak i’ve had in NJ is at Strip House in Livingston, or Old Homestead in Atlantic City. Keens good too, and The Palm.

  11. I’m with Conan on this one. I’m not a fan of the “filet”- an expensive, tasteless bore- I need some beef flavor, some fat. I’m a skirt steak guy (no marinade, just s&p; hanger if no Skirt). We did a taste test a year ago, bought expensive dry aged, organic, butcher shop, and A&P Skirt steaks. The winner? A&P. No question. On my grill, at about 700 degrees.

    Couple it with this easy America’s Test Kitchen French Fry recipe: Cut up the potatoes into fries, put in a big pot, cover with vegetable/canola/peanut oil, flame to medium, stir a little so they don’t stick, let ’em fry, enjoy. No par-frying needed. They stay crisp and delicious long enough to each with the steak.

    Add some grilled asparagus, and well, you have Sunday at the Estate.

    Methinks though, steak, like wine, is one of those things where IF you pay a lot, you believe it’s better. But in a blind test, one might find out something differently.

  12. @hrhppg, to your point, let’s hope the steak at J&K is “moist” because of the recipe, instead of some other reason.

  13. My fave is The Knickerbocker in NYC on University Pl. Lugers is ‘the bar’ though. Can’t justify paying that much for a steak unless I’m banging it through on work.

  14. To echo what Conan and Prof said, this CAN be tried at home. They key is to get a good cut of meat. I did not know that WF carries dry aged beef. Good to know.

  15. I am ussually content to make it at home with a nice, fresh chimichurr. However, the best steak i have had outside the city (and better than most of those as well) is the Dry Aged Ribeye at Orange Squirrel. The added benefit is that you are not limited by the usual steak house menu for those in your party not in the mood for beef.

  16. I’m with Conan and Skibum. Make it at home. I find most restaurants top off their steaks with salted butter.

  17. Goodbye Yogurt, Hello Steak. What does this say about the USA? Or Montclair?

    Recessions Over!!! Live it up!!

  18. Charlie Brown’s always had the best queen cut prime rib.

    Last local steakhouse I ate at was Roots in Summit, but that was on the company dime.

    I did have an excellent filet mignon at Halcyon recently, though.

  19. Agree with jinx re: Fairway

    Fairway often has prime strip, prime porterhouse, ribeye etc for under $10 a pound on special. The porterhouse is $7 a pound this week, usually around $15-16.

    They, like Whole Foods in West Orange, have an extensive selection of dry aging beef.

  20. Where do I go for steak? My backyard grill.
    Best and cheapest in town ( and the staff is pretty cute, too ) 😉

  21. Costco and Fairway. Steak is one of the few things I can cook well at home

    The last thing I’d go out for is steak.

  22. I agree about spending this much money for a steak. That’s the one thing I can cook well! What we could really use at that location is a competitor for Raymond’s–fun vibe (though please not as loud!), good food, decent prices. Anyone who can do that successfully will make a killing. (I haven’t tried Moustache downtown next to Toast, which may do just that.) Steakhouse? Meh. On the other hand, I guess it’s good that someone is opening up there, rather than just having an empty space…

  23. A good steak needs to be dry aged if it is to have a superior flavor. You can cook it to perfection, but if the meat is not aged, it is not going to taste great. Instead of paying 22. to 25. a pound for store dry aged beef, we dry age it ouerselves and the result is really, really good. There are many sites with directions for dry aging beef at home. You have to plan a few days ahead–but it is worth it !

  24. We went last night to check it out. It was really good! Tried the 4 course Prix Fixe. Everything was delicious. The salads were flavorful and interesting (they don’t describe them on the menu, but their ‘mixed green salad’ included blue cheese and cranberries. The salad was much larger than I would have expected.) The dry aged rib eye was excellent. I hope they do well. We typically cook steak at home, but this is a nice option for date night.

  25. Standing rib roasts with Yorkshire pudding rock the house. Too bad they are so freaking expensive.

  26. Yeah, I was just going to comment about Pal’s. I’ma going to miss the mushroom soup and the redwoods.

  27. HELLO people- when do you go to a restaurant and expect to pay market price for your meal? You are paying for the quality of the food combined with the dining experience, service, and combination of ingredients that make the meal perfect! I thought that I had tasted great steaks before I dined at J and K steakhouse, and let me tell you, I have tried nearly all the steaks there including the two larger steaks that are not on the menu, the 44oz Long Bone, and the 46oz Porter House, and I have yet to be disappointed with any of them. I have been going to the Morristown location for nearly a year and half, and choose this restaurant to celebrate almost every occasion. So there is no point in shutting down a restaurant that you have not even tried. Take one bite and you’ll be hooked like me! 🙂

  28. also @reman, please let me know the best steakhouses in NYC that you have been to where a filet is under $40, I would love to try them. Thanks

  29. I went opening night, was the first table to be seated, and loved it. The service was spot on, the food was off the charts good, and the bar was raised in Montclair to a level the residents deserve. Prices were spot on and delivered more bang for the buck than one would expect. (For the cheapies in town go for the Prixe Fix options)

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