iggy's place closed

Looks like Iggy’s Place is out of business. Owner and animal rescue champion Danny Heaps talked with Baristanet last August about how business had fallen off dramatically over the previous year:

“It’s a funny thing owning a small business in Montclair. I never knew how hard it would be,” says Heaps. “The business is there to subsidize the animal rescue we do. I want to keep doing the rescue work, but I can’t afford to if the business continues to lose money.”

Many area pet owners loved the store. Montclair artist Scott Sorrentino sang the praises of the “anti-Petco” in this Baristanet post from the archives.

Let’s hope all of Heap’s fosters found happy homes.

7 replies on “Popular Montclair Pet Supply Store, Iggy’s Place, Closes Up Shop”

  1. Sad to see it. It was a great venue to showcase rescue kitties – right in the front window.

  2. I called in September to discuss a way to help the store financialy and no call back so badly did he want to keep doors open?????

  3. Wish I had seen this place before. We sometimes go to another non-chain pet supply store in the area and always feel as if they think they’re doing us a favor by selling us stuff. Any other local suggestions?

  4. Stay away from mikes feed farm guy is a jerk and his rewards program is a joke .,. The computer is always down or being updated and he can never tell you where ur rewards are. I spent over 100 dollars in a few weeks there and he kept saying the same thing

  5. Try the pet supply store right across from Iggy’s! Purrs N Paws Pet Emporium, mention this posting and receive 10% off your first purchase. The store opened September 15, 2012.

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