samba montclairMontclair owner Ilson Goncalves of Samba is a mama’s boy in the very best possible way. The New York Times discovered sexy Samba and gave the “Brazilian menu inspired by mom” a very good rating.

The Times loved Samba’s homey vibe and straightforward Brazilian fare (and Baristanet concurred last year) — a pleasant departure from all-you-can-eat churrascarias. What was their favorite dish?

Best of all is the feijoada, often called the national dish of Brazil: a thick, long-simmering black-bean stew imbued with ribs, steak and sausage, it’s deeply satisfying and heavenly paired with the yucca flour and collards.

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  1. Samba is a wonderful restaurant! The food is great, the staff is so friendly. It is also an excellent, quiet place for lunch.

  2. I find Samba to one of the best restaurants in Montclair. Food, service,decor: all winners! Congrats to Samba!!

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