dollsopenApril Fools!

Well Hello Dolly. She is back — and as funny as I thought this gag was at first — others do not seem to share my sense of humor when it comes to creepy doll parts in public places.

Edgemont Park
Edgemont Park

Over the last three weeks Baristanet and Barista Kids have been swamped various reports and photos from group(s) claiming credit for defacing public property with doll heads, legs and arms. Editor in Chief of Barista Kids Georgette Gilmore says, “”I knew when we discovered Holly and started the “Ask Holly” column, her quirky, crafty ideas would take off. To be honest, I wish her followers would have chosen her cute carrot or flower crafts, because I’m dealing with pissed off parents of freaked out children.”

So far we have reports of doll part sightings in: Edgemont Park, Presby Memorial Iris Gardens, Brookdale Park, the Glen Ridge post office and South Mountain reservation.

dolls2Workers in Brookdale Park’s rose garden told Baristanet they thought it was funny at first but the group went too far when they added a plant marker titled “Afternoon Delight” to the spot where Barbie’s legs were popping out of the ground.

I know I freaked out my share of people with twisted Caption That: Sea Creatures and Doll Parts: 1 and 2 last summer.  And as much as I am for free expression, we need to draw the line when it comes to defacing public property or potentially frighting children. Is La Isla de la Munecas (The Island of the Dolls) in Mexico fascinating and creepy? Sure, but I think most people would agree this is not the type of thing we want in our towns.

dolls3If the artists/vandals are reading — be creative but respectful. What might seem funny at the time could give a small child nightmares for weeks.What do you think? Is this freedom of expression or should should Talkie Tina take it someplace else?

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    Spiro and Mrs. Martta nailed it!
    A Farewell to arms?
    Best foot forward?
    A hand, not a hand out?
    Okay, I’m struggling here.

  2. if you really don’t want more of this, uh, I think writing a story about on Bnet it is probably not the way to go.

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