Have You Seen Sheba and Roxanne?

April Fools!

Baristanet reader Billy Simmons needs your help to find his two pet chickens — he’s even offering a reward.

Simmons, who calls himself “King of All Urban Homesteaders,” lost two of his hens near Glenwood Ave. in Upper Montclair. He’ll give two dozen of “the freshest, tastiest, antibiotic-free jumbo eggs you’ll ever have,” to whoever finds them.

Simmons thinks his 14-year old son accidentally left the gate to their free range play ground open, allowing the clucky gals — who answer to Sheba and Roxanne — to escape.

“Their eggs are amazing,” says Simmons who was a software developer in NYC, before trading his computer for an artisanal feedback. “I think it’s because I pamper them so much, Last month I installed a carousel in their playground and I just finished putting an air purifier in their coop.”

If you see Sheba and Roxanne, write pets at baristanet dot com.

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