email letterThis just in from the office of Dr. MacCormack:

In the next few days, your child will be asked to complete a brief survey in school.  This survey is designed and conducted by The Tripod Project, a national consortium of schools and districts working together to raise achievement and narrow achievement gaps.  The surveys are absolutely confidential and will not be tracked back to individual students; no student names or identification numbers will be requested or added.  The responses will give us the students’ first-hand insights into their experiences in the classroom.  Replies will be summarized and shared with principals and teachers in a constructive manner to inform their work with children.

The surveys are grade-appropriate and are expected to take 15-20 minutes to complete.  The children will be informed that they may skip any question for which they are not sure of the answer or which they prefer not to answer.  Surveys will be administered within the next week.

Thank you, and your child, for supporting this important effort to better understand the student perspective as we strive to address the learning needs of all Montclair Public School students.  For more information about The Tripod Project, click or contact your school’s principal.