Bloomfield Mayor Ray McCarthy will not run for mayor again in November, citing the need to spend more on his home appraisal business and family McCarthy announced his decision at a press conference Friday at Bloomfield Town Hall.

From Bloomfield Life

Mayor McCarthy after winning a close race in 2010 for a fourth term.
Mayor McCarthy after winning a close race in 2010 for a fourth term.

McCarthy said that he will remain a Bloomfield resident and has no plans to run for another public office. However, he said that, if he did run again, he would win.

McCarthy was re-elected in 2010 for a fourth terms, after a close race against Republican opponent John Lazar.

7 replies on “Bloomfield Mayor McCarthy To End 12 Year Run, Won’t Seek Re-Election (Video)”

  1. I will say nothing more than: Look at the condition of Bloomfield right now and over the past 12 years – It speaks for itself.

  2. Don’t celebrate quite yet folks. If we want to see real change in Bloomfield then we have to be aware that the Line A Democratic candidates have been hand picked by the Essex County Democratic Party and will likely give us more of the same. A vote for Venezia, Davis, Lopez or Pomares is a vote for more of the same. This democrat’s motto for this election is “Anybody but Line A”.

  3. Thanks for the link to 2010. It’s nice to read some old posts from Sandy. As for Venezia, I would rather vote for Hamilton if he ran, but it makes no difference since I will be moving out of Bloomfield in September

  4. People, people, people. Bloomfield has been going downhill since 1970. Is there hope? I don’t know. I would like to think there is.

  5. “…if he did run again he would win.” HA! Not in Bloomfield he wouldn’t! Good riddance to Ray and hopefully the rest of the Dem Machine which means Venezia and his mates.

    Russ Mollica for Mayor! 12 years of Pete Strumolo’s hand-picked puppets is 12 years too many.

  6. This is disappointing, because I couldn’t wait to vote this !@#$ out of office

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