Bowery Out, Live Nation Is In At Wellmont Theatre MontclairWe were the first to tell you about uncertainty between Bowery Presents and Montclair’s Wellmont Theatre. Now, we’re happy to be the first to tell you that the Wellmont will continue. Live Nation has signed an exclusive booking agreement with the historic theatre.

Led by Live Nations Club and Theatre Team overseen by Sean Striegel and Jason Stone, Live Nation will be actively looking to present artists. Booked by the New York Team of Sean Striegel, Jason Stone, Jay Belin and Christian McKnight, Live Nation plans to continue to expand on the programming of the venue.

Opened in 1922, and extensively renovated in 2008, the historic Wellmont has hosted a wide range of performers — Crosby, Stills and Nash to Jane’s Addiction, from Marilyn Manson to the Moody Blues — as well as comedians including Chelsea Handler, Steven Colbert and Aziz Ansari to name a few.

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  1. Best wishes to them. Looking forward to more good shows there. But could they kindly upgrade the lousy sound system and do something about the deteriorating ceiling?

  2. THANK GOD! Though I have admit that I really, really liked the bands that Bowery brought in… Let’s hope it won’t be too pop-centered with LiveNation.

  3. I’m optimistic that Live Nation is savvy enough to book acts that are in keeping with the Montclair audience. Of course, it won’t make a lot of difference if the awful sound system continues to make all the bands sound like MPPPHHHH-GLUGGGGGG-RHMMPPPPH.

  4. I been to a dozen or so shows at Wellmont and each time I leave I say I’m not going back because the sound is so poor. Then I realize that I listen to my extensive music collection that ranges from 6 milk crates of albums, 1,000+ CD’s and countless songs on ITunes (before I switched to Spotify which I highly recommend) on computer speakers. One day I’ll figure out a way to run it all through my old stereo system and even get to the point where I don’t have to drag my computer speakers onto my deck. I do like the bands that Bowery promotes better than Live Nation. Just seem more “Indie” to me.

  5. The best way to enjoy concerts is to bring some of these or similar protection along. You’ll be able to hear what the band wants you to hear in a venue that is ‘reflective’.

    I’m happy to hear that the ‘Wellmont’ will continue to host concerts. I hope they bring back ‘Dream Theatre’. ‘Porcupine Tree’ would be way cool too.

  6. And this is somehow a ‘good thing’? Bowery Presents and Live Nation are quirte different animals. But you’ll see…

    With Maxwell’s closing end of July, you should make sure your EZPass is paid up.

  7. I agree with Mellon and both hubby and I have a pair of these

    well worth the $12.95 to save your hearing. We started going to concerts with earplugs after an Allman bros concert in Avery Fisher in 1989 where neither of us could hear for 3 days after.

    We’ve been going to the Newton Theater lately – small- good acoustics – great staff- wheelchair accessible orchestra seating

  8. Sorry ursushorribilis but we arent all hipsters, this will prove to be a positive thing for the Wellmont and the community

  9. Pat G,

    Your allusion to the Allman Brothers concert made me laugh. Good lord some of those rock concerts were loud. For me it was ‘.38 Special’ at the old Capitol Theatre in Passaic. I had my fingers in my ears for most of the show. I felt like a complete tool, but I valued my hearing even back then. 🙂

  10. Live Nation really really really sucks….but I am glad that the venue will still be operating as a concert all. Just hope I can squeeze one or two decent shows a year out of their schedule.

  11. Just so you know this is the Nightclub division of Live Nation,meaning DJs & hip Hop shows for the most part. Maybe some Comedians
    I don’t think it will survive in Montclair for very long.

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