mosquitoSigh. I like a good, fun theme week sometimes. Tell me it’s national Mallomar day and I’m happy. I also like certain weeks designated to raise awareness and funds for diseases and causes that don’t get enough media attention otherwise.

But National Mosquito Control Awareness Week? Really? Yes, and we’re in it.

Of course, it’s important to clear standing water from our yards and take other steps so the extremely annoying and sometimes disease-carrying creatures don’t breed with abandon. But speaking even as someone who is routinely bitten by mosquitos far more frequently and earlier in the season and in many more places than any other human I now, even I can’t get excited about this one (though our county executive wants to make sure we all get the memo).

Yet, I do not go anywhere from May to October without my Cactus Juice, an all-natural product made from prickly pears that smells light and fruity, sort of a cross between banana, pear and citrus, or maybe like prickly pears (though I have no idea what prickly pears smell like). It goes on creamy, doesn’t stain and contains sunblock properties as well. My annual shipment arrived way back in March and this time around, I ordered a bottle in every size, the cream formulation, a spray bottle, purse size version…on second thought maybe I’m more mosquito-control-aware than I admit.

What about you? How do you battle mosquitos? And do you have any “mosquito control” secrets to share? Please pass them on in comments.

Photo: Flickr