From the Township of Montclair:

The South End Business Improvement District subcommittees (Board of Directors, Arts, Beautification and Ordinance Compliance) will meet on Monday June 17, 7:00 p.m. at the Alfred Davis Chiropractic Wellness Center, 309 Orange Road, Montclair.

The subcommittees will continue to formulate the structure of the board, share updates on potential tenants, discuss signage and window dressing ordinances, and continue discussions about “Center Stage” and upcoming events and activities, including a farmers’ market. Additional topics are welcome and may be discussed during the “good of the order” portion of the meeting. Members of the public who wish to join the groups’ efforts and/or make helpful suggestions are welcome.

3 replies on “Public Welcome at South End Business Improvement District Subcommittees Meeting Tonight”

  1. A Farmers Market would be a very welcome addition! A coffee shop, deli and bakery would be nice too. There’s three barbershops all next to one another. I’m not clear on why that is, but we there is definitely a demand for a nice coffee shop in the Southend Business district.

  2. I also think a Farmer’s Market / smaller organic supermarket (like a Whole Earth Center or a Dean’s Natural Food Market) at the corner of Orange and Cedar would be a nice addition. But it has to stay nice– it can’t turn into a corner store with loiterers. I also wish Kingdom Hall would either get a makeover or be moved somewhere else– the building is a bit of an eyesore.

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