Turn Turn TurnWhen your two favorite family musicians join forces and record an album it’s a happy day. Dan Zanes has won a GRAMMY, Elizabeth Mitchell With You Are My Flower has been nominated for one, and both have garnered tremendous critical acclaim. Their first collaborative recording Turn Turn Turn releases on August 27.

Fans of Zanes and Mitchell will recognize lots of old favorites, but in a new way. With the combined voices and styles, you get a fresh take on favorite songs. Sail Away Ladies has a folkier feel and the new version of So Glad I’m Here is a much softer, contemplative one than on Mitchell’s second album You Are My Sunshine.

Original songs include Now Let’s Dancea song that will make any wallflower start groovin’—Coney Island Avenue, and Honey Bee—to name a few. A standout on the CD is their version of Pete Seeger’s Turn Turn Turn, which was written by his wife Toshi Seeger, who passed away a couple of weeks ago at the age of 91. Elizabeth and her family—Dan Littleton and daughter Storey—along with Zanes, take turns singing verses and the blend is perfect.

Turn Turn Turn arrives a decade into Zanes’ and Mitchell’s family music discographies. They began these careers, in 2000 and 1998, respectively, making recordings for the children in their lives, all of whom are now young adults.

Zanes and Mitchell will tour the country with Mitchell’s band You Are My Flower, performing material from the album, throughout the year. Dates will be announced soon! Turn Turn Turn can be pre-ordered online here.

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