Dr. Ed GoldLast year, Montclair Orthodontist Dr. Ed Gold, planned to run the NYC Marathon for the first time and raise money for the Montclair Public Library. As you may remember, the marathon was canceled due to Superstorm Sandy, but Dr. Gold ran the Philadelphia Marathon that year raising nearly $10,000 for MPL.

This year, as he originally intended, he will run the NYC Marathon this November raising money for the library, specifically for its children’s programs:

I knew that if I were to ever run a marathon that I would want to and needed to support a cause.  There are so many great organizations helping very worthy causes; many of which are close to my heart and I personally support.  I wanted my marathon fundraising effort to have the ability to impact as many lives as possible and choosing the Montclair Public Library seemed to be a very logical choice.  The Montclair Public Library along with all public libraries can assist in laying the foundation for learning for children that will help our generation and future generations make contributions in all areas of science and humanities that society will benefit from.   The resources are in the library, and we (as a community) have to ensure that they continue to be available for our children. teens and people of all ages.

On a recent visit to our library one afternoon, I went to the children’s section and was so happy to see the number of children present and to see them taking advantage of resources being offered.  When visiting the library’s web site, it is impressive to read about some of the programs being offered.  Not only are the story times for toddlers and younger children, but there are resources to help with homework and book group kits to help parents and teachers organize book groups for new readers to students in high school.

I also chose the library because I wanted children to be able to help me with my fundraising effort.  I know that the library appreciates every contribution no matter what the amount.  If a child sponsors my 26.2 mile run with a contribution whether it be dollars or cents, it will help to raise awareness to one of our very important causes and also hopefully lay the foundation to continued giving in the future.

You, or your child,  can donate here and help Dr. Gold meet his goal and support the Montclair Public Library.

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