family-dinner.jpg September 8, 2012 350 × 270 Edit Image Delete Permanently TitleCaptionThe annual District-wide Family Dinner Night in Montclair will be held on Wednesday, October 9. The district wide initiative started a couple of years ago to encourage families to enjoy an evening together.

Teachers will not assign homework, and all after school activities are cancelled, to make it easier for families to sit down and enjoy a meal together.

Mary Emanuelli, former PTA president at Bullock School proposed the idea to the PTA Council in 2011.  “By having a designated family dinner night, with the support of the school district, it will relieve some of the after school and evening obligations so families can all eat together. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy; whether it’s something you cook with your kids, pizza, chicken fingers, soup and salad, or leftover pot roast, the idea is to get the whole family to the dinner table at the same time.”

Will you participate?

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