missing ferretFerret has been reunited with family.

Have you seen this ferret? A reader writes…

Our ferret has gone missing! We’re sure he has escaped outside, and we hope someone can help us out. Although to some he may look scary or like a wild animal.. He’s actually extremely sweet and friendly! He’s white with a little bit of black fur and reddish eyes. He also has a little blue stamp in his ear. He’s most likely to be seen on Wildwood Avenue. If seen- don’t be afraid to pick him up! He’s light and one of the nicest animals. Thank you! We hope to see him soon.

Liz George is the publisher of Montclair Local. liz@montclairlocal.news

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  1. FYI- I just called this contact # to let the owner know that there was a Montclair Watercooler posting last night re. a found ferret in this area. I shared the contact details that were provided. Hopefully it’s the same one and they can be reunited!

  2. Unfortunately, Igor (ferret’s name) is very picky with food, but I’m not quite sure about others. The best bet is ferret food!

    We still have not found Igor. We’ve gotten two calls, but he’s left where he was last seen. We’ve been searching along Cooper and Summit because he was last seen in a garage on Summit. Thank you everyone, and we hope we can find and bring Igor back home.

  3. Ferrets are mustelids, members of the weasel family. They should eat only animal protein and animal fat, thus meat. A finger makes a good meal, but you shouldn’t add any spices. They need several meals a day and fresh meat is the healthiest.

    adeline, if you want Igor to come home and be warm and cozy this winter, you might consider setting human-friendly traps in the areas where he was last spotted, using some tasty rodent entrails as bait.

    Igor surely loves you but he probably loves his freedom all the more. If he doesn’t come knocking on the door, it may be because he decided he is now living the life he was born to live.

    (PS Do check Article 3 of the Town’s Animal Control Ordinance before setting your traps. You can be lucky your ferret is not a dog or you could be in big trouble for it defecating on town or public property.)

  4. I had two ferrets when I was growing up. One escaped the house and was missing for over a week. My mother spotted him crossing the road one night when she was coming home late but was unable to catch him. He finally showed up in the driveway, days later. He was very full on something, definitely found some food out there. I assume he eventually got sick of chilly nights and decided home isn’t so bad after all.

  5. I hope Igor will find a way home!! I desperately do, and I’m going searching again today. I have no idea where he would hide. And no, he doesn’t answer to his name. I wish he did!

  6. Igor has been found!!!!! Thank you so much everyone, and especially the family who took him in, bathed him, and went out and bought ferret food!!!! Our little ball of happiness is back

  7. My son had a ferret in the 1980s. It chewed holes in all of his polo shirts. Maybe throw out a few nice, colorful shirts and it will come running.

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