pals twilight

Reader Mitchel Heisler sends us this eerie, Planet of the Apes-like twilight shot of Pals Cabin, post demolition. The sign is all that’s left of what was once Pals Cabin.

11 replies on “The Twilight Of Pals Cabin”

  1. About time they knocked down Pal’s. Until now, if we wanted to shop at a CVS, we had to drive all the way down Eagle Rock Avenue to the one just before Pleasant Valley Way. That’s nearly half a mile!

  2. So many memories in that debris….Mayfair Farms is having a Thanksgiving buffet this year. Hopefully, some of the people who went to Pals every year can just go across the street this year for a sumptious buffet.

  3. I loved Pal’s..great burger. I finally tried the burger at Next Door. It tasted like they dumped the salt shaker in the meat mix. Made me miss Pal’s even more.

  4. From what I’ve read, the actual bar has stayed in West Orange and has been put into the newly renovated Gaffers Pub. No longer Gaffers, has a new name which I can’t remember. Opening soon! Loved Gaffers and loved the bar at Pals so I’m a happy camper.

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