Orlando Trinidad, 33, one of the officers indicted on conspiracy, official misconduct and assault, as a result of a Bloomfield police dashcam video arresting Marcus Jeter, talks with ABC’s Sarah Wallace, saying the video doesn’t tell the real story and that he feared for his life.

“It’s a 30 second clip of a 10 to 15 minute video. It doesn’t show you anything that led to that,” Trinidad said.

“You’re repeatedly hitting him,” Eyewitness News Investigative reporter Sarah Wallace said.

“He’s not giving me his hands. And at that point, I still don’t know if he’s got a gun on him,” Trinidad said.

“So now you get to the car and you hit him again,” Wallace said.

“That was to get him to stop resisting, to get him in the car, to get him to calm down,” Trinidad said.

Bloomfield Mayor Michael Venezia expressed outrage over the video and said he would “demand the immediate suspension of any officer involved in this police cover-up.” Venezia was criticized by Trinidad’s attorney, who said the mayor should reserve his “‘outrage’ until after this criminal trial is held.”

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  1. And then what comes out is yet another cchannel 7 Eyewitness news Sarah Wallace special report(worth watching):

    “There are more troubling questions for the police department in Bloomfield, New Jersey…

    The Bloomfield Police Department is embroiled in controversy.

    Its Internal Affairs Division is under fire, in part because of that police dashcam video, and now that’s prompting others to come forward …

    They were told a witness had picked them out as they were being questioned. Both of them say when they saw our dashcam story, they recognized one of the police officers, Orlando Trinidad, who has now been charged with assault in the dashcam video case.”

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