Montclair and Bloomfield are rich with great dining options, but Little Falls has some gems worth discovering, too.

stama little fallsLittle Falls can thank Bloomfield for getting its own outpost of one of our favorite Greek restaurants, Stamna Taverna, which opened on 66 E Main Street.

Specializing in French macarons with exotic flavors (think lavender honey, chai, pear cardamom, green tea and blood orange), Asalt and Buttery (480 Main Street) was opened by former high school chemistry teacher Maureen O’Neill. Expect to find some 25 flavors to choose from whenever you drop by — good luck choosing!

Then there’s Bivio Pizza Napoletana (7-A Paterson Ave.) Worth the trip? You bet, but be warned: This pizza just might ruin you for all other pizza. Take a look at the raves on TripAdvisor (Orange Squirrel’s Francesco Palmieri is a fan).

bivio pizza 2What makes Bivio so special? An authentic wood burning oven from Italy and a passionate couple, owners Jackie and Tomasso Colao, who brought their love for Naples pizza and recreated it here. The menu is super simple but sings with bufala mozzarella and San Marzano tomatoes. Daily specials (meatballs, homemade manicotti) and special pies (duck sausage, fig, spinach, garlic, pecorino) will make you want to return again and again. Bivio is closed for vacation but reopens on February 21.

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  1. The menu entries at Bivio Pizza Napoletana may be simple but everything is delicious. Fantastic wood oven pizza and great atmosphere.

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