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Baristanet, launched in 2004, turns 10 this year and Montclair is recognizing the hyperlocal website’s longevity with a proclamation.

“August 1st will now be known as Baristanet Day in Montclair,” says Deputy Mayor Robert Russo, who sponsored the proclamation along with Councilor Bill Hurlock.

“The town is trying to do a better job of communicating between the residents and the municipal government with regards to such things as suspension of services, parking restrictions and utilization of town parks for snow placement during the recent snow storms,” says Hurlock. “Baristanet has been a great partner in reaching residents with information, especially during Hurricane Sandy and other emergency situations.”

Even Mark Porter, editor of the Montclair Times, who once likened the popular website to a lamprey eel, had kind words to say about Baristanet. “When news happens on the weekend, Baristanet always has the story. I don’t know how they do it. I guess they have a lot of freelancers.”

6 replies on “Baristanet Turns 10, Receives Proclamation”

  1. Good one, Baristas, but I knew it was phony because everyone knows that August 1 in Baristaville is National Slow News Day.

  2. I don’t know how they do it. I guess they have a lot of freelancers.

    I can easily imagine these words coming from Porter’s lips.

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