pittyPitty Rescue, Inc., a charitable nonprofit rescue organization, will hold a yard sale to raise funds for the dogs currently in their care on Saturday, May 31, and Sunday, June 1 at Paradise Pet Store in Bloomfield.

The sale will be held from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on both days. Pitty Rescue is asking for donations of clean, functional, and appropriate items for resale prior to the yard sale. Donated items can be dropped off at Paradise Pet Store during regular business hours.

Jeff and Diana Coltenback, owners of Paradise Pet Store and founders of Pitty Rescue, are internationally by dog lovers as rescuers and skilled dog trainers.

“Since we are very familiar with each dog and know their personalities, we want to make sure the dog is comfortable with the prospective candidate,” said Jeff Coltenback, who has worked as a trainer for more than 20 years. “The dogs are really the ones who choose the family. We facilitate the process by watching the dogs’ signals, visiting the potential owners’ homes, and holding sessions for both the dog and human to become more acquainted with each other.”

Currently, the no-kill Pitty Rescue, Inc. has seven dogs available for adoption – three females and four males. Five are Pit Bull terriers or terrier mixes, one is a Great Dane mix, and the other a Dogo Argentino mix.

Pitty Rescue, Inc. can always use more blankets, towels, supplies, and funds to help care for the animals in the Coltenbacks’ care.

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  1. Jeff and Diana Coltenback, owners of Paradise Pet Store and founders of Pitty Rescue, are internationally by dog lovers as rescuers and skilled dog trainers.

    Remember the Memphis Mess created by Karen Lore and the BoH? Jeff and Diana have devoted their lives to rescuing and rehabbing animals, especially their beloved pit bulls and similar breeds. Please step up and help these two selfless and dedicated people help homeless animals in need. They are two of the (too few) good people in this world.

  2. An excellent place to donate to- take a look at their facebook page and mission statement- these folks really care and put their everyday priorities into rescue. Please take a look at the dogs they have up for adoption.

    If you want to donate something but can’t get it over to Paradise Pets- call and someone will pick it up. And don’t forget to go to Paradise pets and shop the sale. Good stuff for you- great for the rescue




  3. I have a question not related to this fundraiser but in regards to pits in general. My neighbor just got one, probably about 10 months old now. Cute little dog with a similar face to the one pictured. I walked my small dog over there to see how they’d play and the pit completely overwhelmed us, scratched my legs up, devoured my terrier with his his already big claws so we had to scramble to get out. He was just trying to play, but clearly way too rough. The owner is a young woman in her 20s lives with family. Clearly she couldn’t control this dog. I am concerned they are not getting any training for this dog. Should I be? I have a west highland terrier and I did 16 weeks of training so the dog would know who is in control I have young children and they go over to the fence and try to play with it. I feel like they are going to just leave it in the yard too much without doing the proper training. Am I right to be worried, or being a worry wart?

  4. CME, I would be concerned about being in proximity to any dog that can’t be controlled by its owner, and very concerned if that dog lived right next door. You might suggest to your neighbor that the dog and she would probably be happier together if they got some training.

    A standard height chain-link fence may not be sufficient to keep a determined dog out of your yard. You might consider wooden stockade of 5-6′ if the dog remains untrained and beyond the control of humans.

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