Montclair CelebratesThe annual Montclair Celebrates the Fourth of July Fundraiser happens on June 17 at Egans and Sons to raise money for the town’s annual parade.

It’s a really fun event where local community members take over the bar and serve up cold brews and cocktails in an effort to raise money to throw a great 4th of July parade, picnic and fireworks.

Join the Montclair Celebrates team between 5 pm –10 pm, order some drinks and tip well!

Can’t make it to Egan and Sons on June 17? Montclair Celebrates is seeking donations to support the cause. Contribution checks should be made payable to “Montclair Celebrates” and sent to:

Montclair Celebrates
c/o Montclair Recreation
205 Claremont Avenue
Montclair, NJ 07042




4 replies on “Raise a Glass and Leave a Big Tip at the Montclair Celebrates the Fourth Fundraiser”

  1. Before I donate, where are the fireworks being held *this* year?
    I’m no fan of MSU – what’s wrong with the island in Edgemont Park, since Woodman apparently is permanently out?

  2. I was driving on Valley Rd Southbound, toward Chestnut St, and I saw The Crane. Even if Valley & Bloom is a full story shorter than The Crane itself, I initially thought that will be quite a landmark. And then I realized The Hotel will be taller than The Crane….with little bobble heads drinking under canvas awnings.

  3. The island in Edgemont Park is a designated no-fireworks zone for those who don’t get to celebrate the Fourth. How about expropriating the big open lawn on South Mountain just south of the art museum, and shooting off the fireworks from the roof of that house?

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