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At Barista Kids we love music for kids that’s not kiddie music. Artists like Elizabeth Mitchell and Tom Chapin keep us sane despite pleas to “Play it again!” It’s music that is able to connect with children while maintaining creativity and melody and accessible lyrics.  And now we’ve found another band to add to the list: The Dream Jam Band. Their latest album, The World of Nickhoo, is a part of an interactive performance program, but it stands on its own as an enjoyable collection of songs.

With a style reminiscent of Jack Johnson’s Curious George album, The World of Nickhoo was partly inspired by singer/songwriter David Kulund’s (Ramblin’ Davey) response to his brother’s struggle with Leukemia and eventual passing. As Nicky Kulund, the drummer for The Dream Jam Band, fought his leukemia, he created the character “Nickhoo” as a way to comfort children experiencing the same type of health struggles he had. As a way to connect with Nicky’s character, David wrote songs for “Nickhoo” that center on themes of friendship, positivity and hope, environmental awareness, and empowerment. Each song has a child-friendly sound and message without condescending to young listeners. Have a listen to a song here: Daylightcomposed and sung by Barry G (Barry Gellert).

Songs like “Say What” encourage children’s curiosity with lyrics like “If you’re curious and you feel confused, there are explanations that will keep you quite amused…” The beautiful “Free as the Wind Blows” connects emotions with nature, as does “Sun, Moon, and Stars.” The album ends with calm and quieter songs, which makes for a great transition to nap-time or bedtime. Get a taste of each song here: The World of Nickhoo. The album is available for purchase on Amazon and iTunes.

We’re thrilled that The Dream Jam Band has offered to send a CD of The World of Nickhoo to one lucky Barista Kids reader — we know you’ll love it!


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  1. I like to share music that inspires me……my kids two fav songs this summer are Tracy Chapman “Talkin bout a revolution” and Lenny Jravitz “Believe”.

  2. I love sharing classic kids songs as well as Broadway music. I grew up listing to show tunes and hope my kids will appreciate musicals as well.

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