barista bearAs a Montclair parent, I know that when it comes to my kids, information provides power — and peace of mind.

Knowing what’s going on in the schools, when to sign up for camps, or gaining a better understanding of issues that affect my kids’ physical and emotional well being is the kind of information I rely on and it’s what Baristanet has been able to bring you, in large part, because of a successful partnership we embarked on more than five years ago. Today, that partnership has ended, but Baristanet’s commitment to providing parents with the information they need and have come to depend on continues with Baristanet Family.

Baristanet promises to keep you in the know when it comes to education news, parenting issues and more, as well as providing you with fun things to do and the local resources you need to make smart choices for your family.

Change is hard — for kids and grown ups, too. Please bear with us as we work out kinks and make changes to the site in the coming days to bring you the content you’ve come to expect.

If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns, you can find Baristanet contact info here. Thank you for continuing your parenting journey with us.

11 replies on “So Long Barista Kids, Hello Baristanet Family”

  1. A great change!!

    I look forward to the stories. Though I hope this doesn’t include the return of the Montclair Black Bear.

  2. You will have my patience. Your website is such a good resource. It has important news AND it hosts a lot of discussions based on your reporting. Thanks!

  3. Ok, I’ll be patient, but you have big shoes to fill! Georgette Gilmore did such a fantastic job on barista kids. Miss her already.

  4. I’m very confused. What exactly happened? Baristanet kids closed down and Baristanet Family is taking its place?

  5. I don’t get the announcement, either…Is the name Baristakids copyrighted by original staff? Will B’net Family be a separate entity? Was there some sort of lawsuit or other legal skirmish?

  6. This explains “the breakup” announcment pulled back yesterday morning. That was a very strange post.

  7. I didn’t get to read the post but had heard Georgette was leaving. Why pull a post? Was it controversial? And why not just come out and say here that Georgette is no longer the editor? Making it seem more mysterious than it probably is.

    I am going to miss the calendar. I relied on it to know what is going on for the kids on the weekends.

  8. Hey Liz, are you taking suggestions for columns? ‘Cause I have a couple of ideas that Georgette rejected due to her sense of decorum and professionalism.

  9. Is there a way to bring back the Baristakids archive? Old articles don’t seem to be accessible right now, and there was a lot of good stuff there.

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