General Election

Tuesday, November 4 is the day to exercise one of the most powerful tools offered to Americans — Election Day for the General Election 2014.

Every vote counts especially in midterm elections. Ballot issues effect your everyday life. They have a huge impact on the legislation that passes through Congress. So get out and vote on Tuesday! 

Here is your local general election day voting guide:


Where to Vote


Polls will be open from 6 am – 8 pm. The New Jersey Division of Elections website lets you find your Ward, polling place, and voting district information by filling out an online form with your: Street Number, Street Name, City and County or Street Address, Street Name and Zip Code. If an exact match is found in the state’s records, you will be provided with your Polling Place, Voting Area District and the County Election Official information.

Find your Polling Place here.


Montclair Voting Wards and Congressional Districts 


Montclair is split between the 10th and 11th Congressional Districts and is part of New Jersey’s 34th state legislative district.  Click on this map to locate your home and ward.

In Congressional District 10 the incumbent is Donald Payne Jr. (D), who was first elected in 2012. The Republican candidate is Yolanda Dentley.

In Congressional District 11 the incumbent is Rodney Frelinghuysen(R), who was first elected in 1994. The Democratic candidate is Mark Dunec

General Election

Other Offices

United States Senator: 

  • Democrat Cory Booker
  • Republican Jeff Bell
  • Jeff Boss (NSA Did 911)
  • Joseph Baratelli (Libertarian Party)
  • Eugene Martin Lavergne (D-R Party)
  • Antonio N. Sabas (Choice in Schools)
  • Hank Schroeder (Economic Growth)

County Executive: Democrat Joseph N. DiVincenzo, Jr. against Republican Peter H. Tanella
For Register: Democrat Dana Rone against Republican James Boydston
Freeholders at Large (vote for 4): 
Democrats: Patricia Sebold, Rufus L. Johnson, Lebby C. Jnes, and Brendan W. Gill
Rebublicans: Adam Kraemer, Ryan Funsch, Ricardo Alonso, and John Anello
Freeholder (5th district): Democrat Cynthia Toro against Republican John V. Kelly, III

State & Municipal Public Questions


Public Question No. 1: 


Do you approve amending the Constitution to allow a court to order pretrial detention of a person in a criminal case? This would change the current constitutional right to bail. The change to the Constitution would mean that a court could order that a person remain in jail prior to trial, even without a chance for the person to post bail, in some situations.The amendment also removes language in the Constitution about bail eligibility for death penalty cases. The death penalty no longer exists in New Jersey.

Interpretive Statement:

The Constitution currently requires a court to grant bail to a jailed person in a criminal case before trial. If the person posts bail, the person is released from jail pending trial.The amendment would give a court the option of ordering a person to remain in jail in some situations. The court could order such detention based upon concerns that the person,if released: will not return to court; is a threat to the safety of another person or the community; or will obstruct or attempt to obstruct the criminal justice process. The amendment authorizes the Legislature to pass laws concerning pretrial release and pretrial detention. The amendment would take effect on January 1, 2017 to allow any new laws to be enacted and their requirements to be established. The amendment would also remove language in the Constitution about bail eligibility for death penalty cases. The death penalty no longer exists in New Jersey


Public Question No. 2: 


Do you approve amending the Constitution to dedicate certain State revenues each year for environmental programs? The Constitution now dedicates four percent of the money collected from the Corporation Business Tax to help pay for some environmental programs. This amendment raises the amount from four percent to six percent beginning on July 1, 2019.The amendment also changes, beginning July 1, 2015, some of the programs funded by the current dedication. The new dedication would be used mostly to preserve and steward open space, farmland, historic sites, and flood-prone areas. Funds would also be used to improve water quality, remove and clean up underground tanks, and clean up polluted sites. Lastly, the amendment dedicates money received from leases and other uses of State open space lands to pay for open space, farmland, and historic preservation.


Interpretive Statement:

This amendment would ensure stable funding for some of the State’s environmental programs. The Constitution now dedicates four percent of the money collected from the Corporation Business Tax to help pay for some environmental programs. This amendment raises the amount from four percent to six percent beginning on July 1, 2019. It also changes the amounts allocated to some of the programs funded by the existing dedication beginning on July 1, 2015.The money from the new dedication would be used: (1) to preserve and care for open space (Green Acres), farmland, historic sites, and flood-prone areas (Blue Acres); (2) to improve water quality; (3) to pay for polluted site cleanups; and (4) for underground tank removal and cleanup.Lastly, the amendment requires that money received from leases and certain other uses of State-owned preserved open space be used to pay for open space, farmland, and historic preservation.The current dedication of Corporation Business Tax revenue helps pay for water quality programs, polluted site cleanups, underground tank removal and cleanup, air pollution equipment for diesel engines, and improvements to parks.Under the State’s open space preservation programs, known as Green Acres and Blue Acres, land is bought to protect water supplies, create and maintain parks and fish and wildlife areas, and protect flood-prone areas. The Green Acres program also helps pay for improvements to parks.

Montclair Municipal Public Question

(For more opinion on this read here and here)


Shall the voters of the Township of Montclair adopt an ordinance which would require Montclair private-sector employers to allow their employees who work in the Township of Montclair to accrue paid sick leave at a rate of one hour of paid sick time for each 30 hours worked; employees who provide food services, child care, or home health care, or who work for employers with ten or more employees would be entitled up to 40 hours of paid sick leave each year, and other private-sector employees would be entitled up to 24 hours of paid sick leave each year?


The purpose of the Ordinance is to ensure that workers h ave the ability to address their own health needs and the needs of their family members; to diminish the public cost of health care; to protect the health of the public by reducing the risk of and spread of contagious diseases; to safeguard the public welfare, health, safety and prosperity of the people of Montclair; and to protect residents and workers in the Township of Montclair from losing their jobs or facing workplace discipline as a result of illness and the use of sick time to care for themselves or their family members.


Glen Ridge Municipal Public Question

“Should the Borough of Glen Ridge install at Hurrell Field an artificial turf field with an all-organic infill at an estimated cost of between $1.2 million and $1.3 million, with the possibility that actual costs may be more or less?


Montclair Will We Really Vote


Essex County Municipalities Having School Board Elections


Bloomfield, Caldwell/ West Caldwell, Cedar Grove, Essex Fells, Fairfield, Glen Ridge, Livingston, Maplewood, Millburn, North Caldwell, Nutley, Roseland, South Orange, Verona, West Orange and the West Essex Regional School District.




The Bloomfield Recreation Department will be offering free transportation to polling locations for all homebound residents and senior citizens. If there are any homebound residents or senior citizens that do not live at these specific locations they will provide transportation in the afternoon. To schedule an appointment call 973-566-7194 during regular business hours to be placed on the list. An ADA compliant wheelchair lift will be in use if needed. Please indicate that need when scheduling the appointment. Hours of operation on Tuesday, November 4  will be from 8:30 am to 3:30pm

  • From:  Kinder Towers, 9 am  to Firehouse #3
  • From:  Felicity Towers, 9:45 am  to Watsessing School
  • From:  Troy Towers, 10:30 am to Fire Headquarters
  • From:  Job Haines, 11:15 am to Firehouse #2