Restaurant ReportYour latest local restaurant news:

  • Openings: Andersons 1949 and  Heritage House have opened their doors.
    •  Jimmy Johns known for its all-natural, fresh gourmet sandwiches and high-speed delivery service, has opened in The Siena building in the former Twist frozen yogurt spot.

Also in The Siena, Chocolate Works, an interactive chocolate factory experience, has opened:

Restaurant Report


  • Fricassée French Bistro has designated Wednesdays as Gibier, or Game Night. Each week will offer a special game meat plat du jour, such as venison or rabbit. 
  • Score a free cup of coffee at Yalo & Me Bistro on Church Street through Monday, October 27!

yalo & me

  • The Thai Elephant Truck is parking for good and opening up a restaurant on  Upper Montclair 18 Grove Avenue in Verona.
  • Michael Carrino, chef and partner of Montclair’s Pig & Prince Restaurant & Gastro-lounge, was seen rubbing elbows with New York Jets great, “Broadway Joe” Namath and renown chef, Mario Batali, over the weekend at The Food Network New York City Wine & Food Festival. Carrino was there as a result of a new partnership with the New York Jets Cooking School. 

Chef Mario Batali, Chef Michael Carrino, and  Joe Namath.



8 replies on “Restaurant Report: Latest Local Food News”

  1. Any idea what is happening at the old Solé BBQ next to Marzullo’s (on the corner of Walnut and Grove)?

  2. Any idea when the thai restaurant is due to open?

    Also, shame about Xocolatz, but not altogether surprising. I had been a fan of their Westfield location back when it was in the small building (they have since moved and expanded). Was really excited when I heard they were moving to Montclair, but the two times I went had clear issues in terms of service. The first time, we spent almost an hour waiting for our breakfast and it wasn’t until I had my purse in hand and was getting up to leave that there was any acknowledgment of the long wait. The second time we were the only patrons and the service wasn’t slow, but it wasn’t very good either. We were initially sat at a table that obviously needed to be cleaned better, so I pointed it out and we moved but in spite of no one else being there, did anyone ever come to clean the table? Nope. The food was good both times, so why they didn’t work on improving their staff is beyond me.

  3. How great would it be if the Xocolatz space could be annexed into the Wellmont lobby in a similar way to how Garcia’s is next to connected to the Capitol Theater in Port Chester, NY

    A bigger lobby with a bar/performance space would really improve the place.

    also, is Jimmy John’s really known known for fresh sandwiches and fast delivery? I only know them from their horrible recent press over the treatment of their employees.

  4. Rob – I’m not a Colonialist and don’t know for sure, but if history is any indication, it seems a Marzullo expansion is in the cards.

  5. Jimmy Johns allegedly treats their workers horribly..Currently involved in class action suits over their “non-compete” clauses in their employment contracts.
    Also, the founder and CEO of the company is an avid big-game hunter who travels to Africa on “hunts” and proudly posts his picture on the internet with his “kills”. One has him standing on a dead elephant and another holding up a dead tiger (both of which he murdered). He’s, therefore a target of “Animal Rights” groups.
    “Jimmy Johns” won’t be seeing me.

  6. Depot Square Restaurant and Bar didn’t close. “Erie Saloon and Matty’s Kitchen” closed. Depot Square Bar is back but they havent brought back the kitchen

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