Baristanet Guide to Gifting Local

Continuing on with more local items on locals’ holiday wish lists!

We hope these gift ideas inspire you!

macaronsSuzanne O’Conner, owner of The Art Garage on Glenridge Avenue, is FULL of the spirit of giving local:

I would like to give a box of French Macarons from Petit Paris to all my friends. (10 Church Street, Montclair) Then, a gift certificate to 3SixtyCycling Studio (4 Lackawanna Plaza, Montclair) so they can row or spin the calories off!

Amanti VinoFor my husband, a membership to the wine-of-the-month club at Amanti Vino (30 Church Street, Montclair).

For my daughter, make-up from Bobbi Brown Studio (8 Lackawanna Plaza, Montclair) or Jewelry from Sorelli (20 Church Street, Montclair)

For my son — he’s a tough one, but if I could get him a really great camera or lots of great old vinyl from the Montclair Book Center’s new Vinyl Store (221 Glenridge Avenue, Montclair) and he loves comics, so East Side Mags (7 South Fullerton Street, Montclair) will be getting some of my holiday business.

Montclair books center vinyl

For my pets, of course I would go to the Montclair Pet & Feed (191 Glenridge Avenue, Montclair) and get them organic treats!

For the amazing people that I work with here at the Art Garage, gift certificates to Jerry’s Artist Outlet (495 Prospect Avenue, West Orange) and to Fitzgerald’s 1928 (13 Herman Street, Glen Ridge) Glen Ridge for a great, fun dinner with their significant others.



Andrea Panico, owner and designer of Pico Design jewelry wants a stylish accessory this year:

dot reeder

Like any parent, the last person I think of at the holiday season is myself. But yesterday I walked by Dot Reeder in Watchung Plaza and saw this Clare V. clutch in the window for $198. I’m sure there are things that I need way more than this, but the combination of the amazing leather and sporty stripe just hit me. I like to carry smaller clutches inside my purse and then I can easily swap between bags, and this would be an amazing way to do that! (Dot Reeder is located at 129 Watchung Avenue, Montclair)

Alan “Sucia” Smith of the Montclair band The Porchistas, being the musician that he is, wishes for a lefty banjo:

montclair music studio

I’m usually pretty adamant about not wanting gifts for Christmas, because I really do have everything I need. HOWEVER, coincidentally, lately I’ve been thinking of posting on the interweb, that I sure wish Santa would bring me an old, used, lefty banjo this year. I’ve been wanting to learn to play banjo for quite a while, but being a lefty guitarist I can never practice on my friends’ banjos. (Montclair Music Studio may have just the thing! Located at 104 Watchung Avenue, Montclair, NJ, 07042)
IMG_1058Marlene Lewis, owner of Sunshine Sam, a toy store in Bloomfield, says everyone with children on her gift lift is getting an Idea Box, an adorable little box filled with wood coins that hold 150 activities and ideas.

“My favorite (right now) is Scavenger Hunt. When I need to make a phone call, drink a cup of coffee in peace, return a few emails, I have my son pick 5 coins out of the Scavenger Hunt Idea Box. He is challenged to, ‘Find something in the house that is the exact same size as this coin. Bring back something that is square. Find a yellow art supply. Bring back something stinky.’ You get the idea. The bottom line, is that I have a good half hour of free time, and Sam is having a blast. It’s really the gift of free time, and what parent wouldn’t love to receive that!” (Sunshine Sam is located at 48 West Passaic Avenue, Bloomfield, NJ)

What’s on her holiday wish list? Gift certificates for Pilates lessons.

“I’ve been going to MadKat Pilates for 2 years, and it’s completely changed my body for the better. It’s my workout, my therapy session, and a massage– all in one. It’s spa-like environment centers me. Now that I’m on my feet all day at the store, I really need my hour of zen more than ever and more often. I hope my husband is reading this!” (MadKat Pilates is located at 855 Bloomfield Avenue, Glen Ridge, NJ)

Emily Klein, a contributing writer for Baristanet, just wants something simple and sweet — make that very sweet:

little daisy bake shop

I would like anything from Little Daisy Bake Shop (okay, make that TWO of anything from Little Daisy. It’s the holidays, after all!), followed by an uninterrupted night of sleep. Heaven. (Little Daisy Bake Shop is located at 622 Valley Road, Montclair)



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  1. Can I get that fat Barbie doll locally?

    I usually begin my shopping locally with Bloomfield Ave./Glen Ridge Ave./Church St. walk.

    Also, I never forget the local charities and non-profits that help make our community so wonderful! If the YMCA still has the Giving Tree with presents to get for area families- that’s a good start.

    Because while I would LOVE to get a fat Barbie for a few little girls, I’d rather give the money to something more useful and needed.

  2. Prof, you are, literally, the worst thing about Baristanet.

    Well, like, half your post. The other half is pretty awesome.

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