Montclair Film Festival

I shared my top 10 film and event picks at the 2015 Montclair Film Festival here. Now it’s time to share what other locals are excited to see.

Baristanet asked “What are you most excited to see and/or attend at the Montclair Film Festival this year?”


andrea panicoAndrea Panico, owner and designer at Pico Design, is all about the Sam Green/Buckminster Fuller + Yo La Tengo at the Wellmont performance.

“As both a music lover (I was in an indie rock band in Washington DC in the late 90s) and a product designer who loves architecture, bringing together the work of one of my design heroes and the music of one of the bands most influential to me is like a crazy dream. But it’s not, which is why I love Montclair!”



Mayor Robert JacksonMayor Robert Jackson, the Township’s Mayor, narrowed it down to three in a way only a TRUE fan could:

“I’m only excited about three 2015 MFF offerings: Hello, My Name is Doris, Unexpected, and everything in between.”







kristin waldKristin Wald, writer and co-owner of Sandler & Wald Social Media, is also excited about the great documentary offerings at MFF:

I’m looking forward to seeing several films including Peace Officer and Out In The Night, but one film I’m very interested in seeing is Thought Crimes. I remember when this case was being investigated and tried, and it made me recoil based on the details shared. However, I’m looking forward to a deeper and less-biased viewpoint. The topic is challenging in a way that ought to make each of us think about free speech and all the values we have associated with it. Based on the descriptions I’ve read, I think the film will both challenge me and make me consider viewpoints I may not have already considered.

Norma TassyNorma Tassy, Executive Director of Bike&Walk Montclair narrowed it down to three:

The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution. I am a huge fan of Stanley Nelson. I saw his last film Freedom Summer at the MFF. I love history and really enjoy watching documentaries and am hoping to be able to score one of the stand-by tickets.

The One That Got Away: I was a student of Mr. Gil’s in the 70’s. I know first hand of his care and compassion toward his students. I can believe that Mr. Gil would still take an interest in a student of his who has gone off the beaten path. I am looking forward to learning more about this story.

Hunger and Homelessness in Montclair: A Community Conversation: Our neighbors who live with food insecurities and close to homelessness are nearly invisible. I am looking forward to learning more about this problem and how I can make an impact.

Michael GillespieMichael Gillespie, Director of Marketing at Montclair Art Museum, shares his top picks:

I’m a fan of short-length films; they don’t all have to be great—you get 5 or 6 chances to come up with a winner. For that reason, Narrative Shorts and NJ Shorts 1 and 2 appeal to me.

Our Art of the 1990s show is still on view (through May 17!), and so I’m happy to see there’s a film about that 90s icon, Kurt Cobain. I’ve heard such great things about Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck that I’m curious to see it.

And how can I resist Sex and Broadcasting? Not because of the title, of course, but I love its subject: WFMU radio station. Long live quirky radio!



Carla GutierrezCarla Gutierrez, an award-winning documentary editor, shows her love of docs:

“I’m super excited to see Very Semi Serious and Top Spin. MFF is showing many well reviewed docs that cover serious issues, but I think it’s also important to watch docs that offer a different and fun perspective of the world.”

What are you excited to see or attend?