Chris Christie

This morning in Livingston—his high school alma mater—New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie officially launched his 2016 presidential campaign.

“I will run a campaign that won’t worry about what is popular, but what is right. What is right is what will fix America.”

He joins 13 other Republicans to declare a presidential candidacy.



16 replies on “Governor Christie Makes it Official: He’s Running For President”

  1. I actually welcome this news. Because as soon as he understands he’s never going to poll higher than the margin of error, he can go back to the job we elected him to do. It’s just unfortunate that he’s also very, very bad at it.

  2. MM – I hope that your post-up game is better than his term as Gov. because if it’s not, the Knicks headed for another deadful season.

    Long live Willis Reed!

  3. This thug pretending to be a leader needs to rethink his political career. A sustained thrashing in the polls may force him to do just that. “President Christie”? Are you kidding? Only “President Donald” would trump that.

  4. He only ran for Governor to be president which was obvious as he was running and more obvious when he got elected and every decision was based on how will this look running for President. But this is Jersey so everything goes by party and we didn’t like that last Dem so we MUST run out and vote the other team.

    It is sad that something managed to beat MTV’s The Jersey Shore in making us a laughing stock.

  5. 7 comments…… on Christie running for President? Either no one cares, or…. no one cares…

  6. The round mound of bloaviated sound. I can’t believe ‘his people’ have him convinced that he could actually become the President. I guess we all need to follow our dreams…I’ll play guard on the Knicks when Martta becomes the Center

  7. As long as its okay to make fun of a person’s weight, I’ll take fat and abrasive over wrinkled, equally deceptive and repeatedly cheated on.

  8. “wrinkled, equally deceptive and repeatedly cheated on” is worse than “fat, abrasive and deceptive?” your methodology for making political decisions is quite idiotic and quite telling…

    but I love the part of your formulation that you waited till someone else did it before you did. that just makes you such the better person, doesn’t it “stu”?

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