The Best Local Thing I Ever AteIn our column, The Best Local Thing I Ever Ate, we ask local chefs, restaurant owners, and food lovers to share their favorite dish in the area. These are the kind of meals that you crave, dream about, salivate over. The meals that you order over and over again.
This month, four delicious meals make the list:

the corner

First up is my pick. There are many things from The Corner (15 Grove Street, Montclair) that can make this list. Truly. But the one thing that gives me frequent cravings is the Prosciutto & Ricotta Toast. It’s grilled rustic toast topped with ricotta, a drizzle of orange marmalade and a slice of prosciutto. You wouldn’t think that such a simple dish would be drool-worthy, but it is because of the quality of the ingredients. Amazing bread, the creamiest and richest ricotta I’ve ever tasted, fresh marmalade and the flavorful, meaty prosciutto make a simple snack a masterpiece.




T.S. Ma’s (199 Bellevue Avenue, Montclair) Chef’s Chicken Special is Montclair resident Roger Sedarat’s pick. “It’s like a gourmet Chinese Steak au Poivre… with chicken.”




For Erika Bleiberg of Glen Ridge, it’s Shakshuka from MishMish (215 Glenridge Avene, Montclair), her new favorite cafe:

“It’s a traditional baked egg dish from the Middle East made from Za’atar seasoned tomato sauce, an ancient blend of spices including thyme, oregano and marjoram. I could eat it every day. The service is lovely, the chef is charming and the menu is fun and delicious. Their coffee is excellent, too.”



uncle momo

Julia Rio Furlong of Montclair says Uncle Momo (702 Bloomfield Avenue, Montclair) makes the best breakfast and this dish is her favorite. She loves it so much, she celebrated her birthday with this meal:

“I know this almost looks like a fake pic, cut out of food magazine or something, but this honestly, was my plate. Mmmmm, perfect birthday breakfast. I love Uncle Momo’s the people there. Their homemade hot-sauce is extra special too!”


Do you have a “Best Local Thing I Ever Ate” to share? You don’t have to be a chef, just someone who loves food and loves a specific meal at a local restaurant. Send it to us here and it may be featured in upcoming editions.



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