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NJ Transit has introduced an updated version to their mobile app, the MyTix program, offering commuters an easier way to check on the status of bus, train and light rail schedules.

The new app called NJ Transit Mobile App also offers DepartureVision, which provides real-time updates to any delays on the state’s public transportation lines.

The app was developed in-house and in response to feedback the agency received from MyTix users. The app will continue to evolve to offer additional services and greater efficiency to Transit customers.

In addition, the MyTix program will offer monthly passes for light rail travel and give customers the option using PayPal, allowing customers to transfer payments electronically.

The NJ Transit mobile app is available for free download on any web-enabled iOS or Android device, via the App Store or Google Play. With this new mobile app, customers can purchase monthly bus, light rail or rail passes by first installing the app and then creating an account, which will securely save customers’ profile information and their future purchase history. Monthly passes self-activate at midnight on the first day of the calendar month for which they are valid and remain active throughout the entire month. Customers then simply display the monthly pass on their mobile device to the bus operator, fare inspector or train crew member.





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  1. Every review on iTunes says this app crashes constantly to the point of being unusable. Hey, you gotta hand it to NJ transit: they are consistent.

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