Election Day

Yesterday was  General Election Day. Did you vote? I did and I took my daughter with me to teach her that all elections are important. I was in the minority though. Essex County voter turnout was only 11.26%, according to the  Clerk’s office.

Democrats tightened their control of the state Assembly in Tuesday’s November 3rd elections, taking three seats away from a Republican party, reports NJ.com. Democrats will now control at least 51 of the 80 seats in the lower house of the state Legislature as of January — their biggest majority since 1979.

Here are local early Essex County results:


  • Sheriff: Armando Fontoura (D) won with 39,967 votes against Antonio Pires (R) with 10,466 votes
  • Clerk: Christopher Durkin (D) won with 40,717 votes against Adam Kraemer (R) with 10,551 votes

Assembly 34th District

  • Sheila Y. Oliver (D) won with 9,047 votes and Thomas P. GIiblin (D) with 8,924 votes

Glen Ridge Township

  • Mayor: Stuart Patrick (I) — 340 votes
  • Borough Council: Ann Marie Morrow (I) — 376 votes / Paul A. Lisocicz (I) — 342 votes


2 replies on “Early Election Results: Democrats Win Largest NJ Assembly Majority in 36 Years”

  1. Yeah Georgette, kids need to see their parents vote.

    Turn out was pretty sad. I went to vote after dinner last night and when I walked up to the desk to sign in the polling lady, whose been doing it for years, says to me “Your 44!” A bit puzzled I’m like “well, you’re close, but….”. “No no, you’re the 44th person to vote here today.”

  2. Oliver AND Giblin won. There are two seats per district. It’s not “Oliver wins against Giblin.” They were both re-elected.

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