Update: Chuch has been found

A reader needs your help to find Chuck — a black and white longhair domestic cat with striking green eyes and docked left ear.

He was last seen on Tuesday 12/15 in front of his house on 24 Bellaire Drive behind MKA @ Central Ave. He may have been taken by a good Samaritan mistaking him for an abandoned pet because he took off his collar. He does have a microchip with up to date contact info, and has been reported missing to the chip company, Montclair shelter and PAWS.

Liz George is the publisher of Montclair Local. liz@montclairlocal.news

11 replies on “Have You Seen Chuck? Montclair Cat Missing FOUND”

  1. Hi Paz. Unfortunately he is still missing. I have put out whole bunch of new fliers around town, talked to the local shelters and vets, a lot of people, have our neighbors on alert. It gets harder with each passing day, but we’re not giving up. Please share this article on your social networks and get the word out. Sonnie

  2. Per our reader:

    He was trapped in our neighbor’s garage and they were gone for the holidays. He is very skinny and hungry, but otherwise safe and happy at home. Thank you again for your help.

  3. How happy you are when they are foind. Our Charlie Dickens ran out of the house when workmen were installing windows just before Thanksgiving. Everyone said look in garages. Sure nough, 2 days later we found him cowering and hungry, on turkey day. We had a search party up and down the street, calling his name. We still talk about it to him. Happy New Year ideed.

  4. A big thank you to everyone for your help and kind words. I can’t even express how happy and relieved we were to find him. This was the first time we had a pet go missing, and the uncertainty was driving us crazy. He was a feral cat before we took him in, and is very scrappy and street smart so we knew he’d pull through.
    Chuck is doing great now, and back to his normal routine. After all, he is two weeks behind on patrolling our block and aggravating the squirrels, so he has a lot of shenanigans to catch up on. However, I’ve noticed him staying clear of garages, and he used to love going into them to hunt mice. The vet gave him a clear bill of health, and my mom has made him special snacks to fatten him up. – Sonnie

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