Looking to get fitter, lose weight, and feel better in 2016? Locals share their favorite places:

  • Alison Curtin says Hala and her team at Boone Studio in Montclair are the best and Kristin Wald agrees: “I am a big fan of their cardio classes- Kettlebell, and barre. After doing the intense cardio classes 2x’s a week-usually Monday and Saturday’s, I add in a Vinyasa flow mid-week on Wednesday nights,” says Alison. Kristin loves the TRX classes. “They are an amazing, hardcore workout with really personal attention.”
  • Jennifer Prost loves the classes at the YMCA of MontclairYoga with Fran Adler on Tuesdays at 7 pm: “Fran’s class is an Iyengar class for all levels.  She focuses on alignment and knows her stuff so you won’t get hurt, but she has a sense of humor so it is a fun class.” Pilates with Gigi Gould on Saturdays at 11 am:  “Before I met Gigi, I hated pilates. Now I am a regular.”
  • We got three shout outs for Eloiza Jorge’s Zumba class, also at YMCA of Montclair. Katie Eva, Amy Horowitz, and Kristin Wald love it:  “You exercise with a smile on your face. And you are part of a community of dancers where size, fitness, and outfit don’t matter a hoot. You sweat to Bollywood through to African drumming and hope it won’t end after an hour,” says Katie. Kristin says, “The music is fantastic and always different, and it gets my day started on an energetic, positive note.” Amy wholeheartedly agrees and adds, “You feel better about yourself and humanity when you take this class.”
  • Melissa Klurman is a big fan of Danielle Diamond and her Xen Strength Yoga: “Danielle teaches her class once a week at JaiPure. She’s been my favorite teacher for years, I take private with her, and that’s the one chance to take a regular class.”
  • Tammy Bakos wants to give a shout out to two locals businesses that help her stay fit: Equilibrium Pilates in Montclair: “It’s a small business that teaches true Pilates. The instructors are excellent, the vibe is so non-judgmental, and the facilities are super clean.” Bakos also said, “Rachel Huelbig, a personal trainer,  has a wonderful energy about her, and makes working out so much fun!”
  • Jon Bonesteel is a big fan of Aspen East in Montclair: “It doesn’t offer all the newest kit, but the staff are wonderful and it is often peaceful and uncrowded in the mornings when I go.”
  • Katie Morita and Bernadette Baum are both fans of Powerflow Yoga Studio in Bloomfield: “It helped me get through a divorce 5 years ago (Back then it was Garden State Yoga) and now just feels like a safe and grounding place. The teachers are wonderful and I love the hot room when the weather gets cold,” shares Katie. Bernadette adds, “The heat helps me relax (I grew up in the tropics) and the class has really helped me build my core and overall strength and flexibility, and nothing loosens up my back better after a week of work. I have gotten serious injuries in just about any other exercise class involving either not-hot yoga or high-intensity exercises. I like that I don’t feel extreme pressure to do head stands or pretzel twists because I am ‘not there’ yet.”
  • Sally Goodgold loves working out at Max of Montclair: “This is not only a gym that focuses on high intensity interval training but also a life changing nutrition program.  If you are looking for a gym where the trainers are always available and care, the members become family and life transformations happen.”
  • Martha Orbach raves about Madkat Pilates in Glen Ridge: “True Pilates, taught by the incomparable Maddie Soglin, helped me survive a bad car accident and rehabbed me afterwards. It will improve and extend your life.”
  • Andrew Gideon says  martial arts is he preferred form of exercise: “My studio of choice is Talium TKD. I like what we do in classes. Conventional exercising (running, jumping, stretching, etc.) is mixed in with TKD (which is a “forceful” martial art, making it good for strength and endurance) and some Hapkido (which is more of a grappling form, making it good for flexibility and balance).”
  • Shelly White raves about the Spin classes at Athletic Genius in Montclair.
  • Jennifer Ronay is a big fan of  3Sixty Cycling Studio in Montclair: “I have been to spin class in every major city I’ve lived in – NYC, Chicago, LA & Boston – and 3Sixty is by far the best. The studio is clean, well-designed & best of all, spacious! I’ve been in spin classes where you feel like the other participants are on top of you. It can feel too crammed and uncomfortable. Not 3Sixty! Also, the teachers have excellent microphone equipment so you can actually hear them. The teachers are great instructors too. They explain what they’re having you do on the bike & how it’s burning calories or building muscle.”
  • Marilyn Graham recommends Lorrain Salerno’s “Stretch, Strengthen & Tone” and “Chair Exercises” at Adult School of Montclair, and also privately at First Lutheran Church, Montclair: “I have been taking Lorrain’s classes for years. They keep me limber and strong, and I’ve learned a lot about our body structure.  It is good for all ages and Lorrain is knowledgeable and caring, offering adaptations for each individual’s limitations.”
  • Tina Hong says the Slow Burn method at Serious Strength in Watchung Plaza is the best: “It’s private, it’s comfortable, it’s quiet, and your workouts are 30 minutes.”
  • Itewari Ekpebu Bryan, Jen Lange, and Lisa Davies love the classes at DFIT in Montclair:  “They have a great variety of classes….from spin to a foam roller class,” says Lisa.  Jen loves the design, “The lighting is really soft and beautiful. I’m sensitive to migraines, which light can trigger and when I work out at DFIT that doesn’t happen. Itewari adds, “I’ll try to sound ‘sane’ while describing the pure joy—tingling muscle pain as the body conforms to perfect pressure each class delivers, while sculpting and whipping us to shape.”
  • Celia V. Harquail likes IMX Pilates in Clifton: “It’s just 2 minutes north of Brookdale ShopRite. I really like their small group Pilates classes. They are friendly, warm, professional and challenging. Easy in, easy out, and tight abs to boot!”
  • Debbie Rosenberg Levy gives a shout out to Angel Williams‘ dance class: “I’ve been dancing with Angel Williams for 8 years (hip hop). She teaches out of the Shukokai  Studio on Grove Street. The fact that it’s a workout (and a damn good one!) is secondary. It is fun, therapy, storytelling and community all rolled into one.”
  • Alexa Sahadi loves the convenience of “When traveling or when you have no time for the gym, this is a great resource. Karen Vizueta, local fitness instructor hosts a free site with combinations of 10 minute workouts to make your workout fit to your schedule, wherever.”
  • Carla Gutierrez loves the way she feels going to Yoga Mechanics Montclair: “I’ve been going for a couple of years. Their teaching of alignment yoga makes me feel healthy, energetic, safe and empowered.”
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  1. Getting fit starts at the supermarket, then again in our kitchens. Eliminate processed and refined foods and eat lots of fruits and veggies. Have sex regularly, avoid sitting for long periods, get outdoor exercise in the sunlight and be social. These are necessary and sufficient for health.

    These exercise businesses mostly offer the latter, the social component. They are fine for those with disposable money.

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