In retail news, Montclair will get more coffee, less shoes, and another barber shop. Bloomfield will soon have a cool cafe:

crazy mocha

  • Crazy Mocha, a coffeehouse based in Pittsburgh, PA (a city I personally love) is coming to Montclair Center. On its Facebook page, this photo above was posted showing construction at 491 Bloomfield Avenue (in the former PNC Bank building).

(Photo courtesy Speakeasy Vintage's Facebook page)
(Photo courtesy Speakeasy Vintage’s Facebook page)
  • The vintage clothing and accessories boutique Speakeasy Vintage (465 Bloomfield Avenue, Montclair) will close and reinvent itself as a barber shop. The change will take place in late January or February. The shop will offer classic and retro haircuts, and shaves, and will still involve vintage clothing and accessories.


  • Little Shoebox, which sells children’s shoes, is closing up shop at 602 Valley Road in Montclair. The owner, who also owns Valley Girl across the street, which sells shoes for older girls and women, will move into the Little Shoebox spot in the spring. No word yet on what will open at the Valley Girl location.


Eerie Art Cafe

  • Eerie Art Cafe will open a “one of a kind eatery and artist retail space” at 21 Belleville Avenue in Bloomfield. The cafe will provide hot and cold coffee & tea, a vegan and vegetarian friendly menu, daily specials and weekend brunch. Because of the multi level design of the building the owners will offer space for visual and performing artists, crafters and creative hobbyists to showcase their work. Kinda reminds us of Cafe Eclectic.