Do you sometimes forget to put out the trash or recycling? Do you have large items that needs to go out for bulky waste collection but you have no idea when that may be? Now, thanks to the Montclair Department of Community Services — there’s an app for that! The Township has partnered with Remyndr, a mobile app which delivers complete curbside collection notifications directly to your cell phone.

Simply visit the Apple App or Google Play store to download the free app. Enter your home address and set the time you would like to receive a notification (or notifications) on the night before a collection. Remyndr will send you a reminder about the pickup type and will tell you what goes in the collection. No sign-up or personal information is required — all that is needed is your home address so that the app can send you collection notifications specific to the area where you live.

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“We wanted to provide our residents with a quick, simple and nonintrusive way of reminding them to put out their trash or recycling for pick-up,” said Craig Brandon, Supervisor of Solid Waste Services. “Remyndr will also be a helpful tool for increasing curbside recycling for the Township by reminding residents to not only to put out their recycling, but also to separate materials into two different bins for Mixed Paper and Commingled items.”

In addition to regular collection notifications, Remyndr will also notify residents about special holiday collections, household hazardous waste days and will let them know if a disruption to a collection is to occur because of weather or other conditions that may prohibit a pick-up.


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