snow-parking-signIf is snows in Montclair, you’ll need to keep your car off the streets. A new ordinance went into effect on February 2, and prohibits parking on snow-covered streets. The Township says it was created “to help facilitate plowing so that streets can be cleared quickly and efficiently to ensure public safety.”

Parking on township streets will be prohibited any time a snowfall has covered a roadway sufficiently to obscure road markings. It will remain in effect for 12 hours after snow has stopped falling and may be extended for a longer period if more time is required to clear the snow.

“In the past, the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) had to declare a snow emergency for the on-street parking prohibition to go into effect,” said OEM Coordinator Rob Bianco. “Moving forward, no such declaration is necessary, making things very clear: if there’s snow on the roads, don’t park on the street or your car will be ticketed and towed.”

Violators will be fined $100 for the first offence. A minimum fine of $100 (but not to exceed $500) will be imposed for each offense that takes place within six months of a previous violation.

Residents with on-street night parking permits and vehicles with handicapped plates or placards will need to move their cars to a municipal lot or deck where they may park free of charge. One-time use/daily scratch-off permits are prohibited when streets are snow-covered.

The Township will send METS alerts about the new ordinance prior to a snowfall and will post a reminder on the township website and TV34. If you are not yet signed up to receive township alerts, visit: and select the “Become a Subscriber” link from the left-hand menu.