Fred Astaire Dance Studio

Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Upper Montclair is offering a fun Pre-Dance program for preschool-aged children.

The Pre-Dance Program allows children to develop movement, singing and body awareness skills. Your child will show improvement in balance, rhythm, motor skills, flexibility and good pre-technique skills like posture, leg and foot positions, and a strong point and arch.

The program focuses on fundamental ballet/tap movements, like plies and battements, shuffles and rhythms, while exploring different musical genres from Classical to Contemporary, Jackson Brown to Justin Bieber.

The goal of the Pre-Dance program is to improve preschoolers gross motor skills, rhythm, coordination, balance and confidence, as well as spatial awareness movements like up/down, left/right and body movements such as twisting, turning, spinning, leaping, hopping, spiraling, rolling, and more. Movements like crawling, crab-walks, bear-walks and more will build your child’s muscles. Children will also enhance social skills like listening, taking turns, team-work and following-directions.

Pre-Dance Program can help your child develop a love for dancing and moving his or her body, and expressing emotions. Young children have an affinity toward music, movement and dance. They will gain praise expressing themselves, and develop greater self-esteem and confidence, and emotional awareness.

Pre-Dance: Tuesdays from 1:15 – 2:00PM. $90 for a 6-week session. Sessions are paid in full prior to the start of each session. Ages 3.5-6 welcome. Ballet and tap shoes recommended. For more information, call 973-783-8999 or visit website or Facebook.