Montclair parents who petitioned for more recess in schools are getting what they wished for. Not for their kids though, but for themselves. The latest fitness class in town—Retro Recess—will offer a fun workout for adults.

Otis Hudson, a Parkour instructor at a Brooklyn fitness studio, just moved to Montclair with his wife and new baby. “I saw the clip on CBS News about Montclair parents fighting for recess and I thought this was a great business opportunity!,” says Hudson.

The Retro Recess class, like Parkour, will include running, climbing, swinging, and jumping, but in a non-structured playful way. For one hour, you’ll be able to go across the Monkey bars, down the slide (or up if you want), spin on the merry go round, jump rope, play hopscotch (but non-competitively), and swing to your hearts content. The instructor will just be there for guidance and to encourage freedom for movement and socialization. Classes are coed and will be held outdoors at various parks in Montclair and indoors when temperatures fall below 20° F. The only rule at Retro Recess is to unplug…and play nice.

Benefits of Retro Recess are strength, cardio endurance, and emotional well-being. “You’d be surprised how many calories you can burn just by playing at the park for an hour,” says Hudson.

Retro Recess classes will start mid-April. For more information and to reserve your spot in the class, email Hudson here.

(Photo: Flickr)