Montclair Police Report Sheds Light on Investigation into Assessment LeakHampton Humber, a Montclair resident, was stopped on his way home on William Street by Montclair police on May 20. Police were responding to a shooting.

Montclair Times reports that Humber says a Montclair PD officer pointed a gun at him before he was allowed to continue on his way to his house.

Acting Deputy Police Chief Wilhelm Young did not share the same view of how officers responded to the call. Read the report here.





3 replies on “Montclair Man Says Police Pointed Gun at Him After Stopping Him Walking Home”

  1. “Nice article” if you mean what the Montclair Times wrote. Not sure what Baristanet’s point was/is of, essentially, posting a link to the Montclair Times story without adding any new information.

    Any attempts by Baristanet to interview the victim, the MPD or CRC commissioners?

    This site is really McNews.

  2. With all due respect to the police, and to the families of Frog Hollow, this incident is sad.

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