Clean it RightRuth Bollo is on a mission. Her goal is to teach you how to clean your home in the most efficient and effective way. The Montclair native and now, Cedar Grove resident, has started a company called Clean it Right.

“I fell in love with the art of cleaning when I was a very young girl, says Bollo. “I helped my mom, grandmother aunts and cousins clean every Saturday and/or Sunday. We would work together in each other’s homes dusting, vacuuming, mopping and shining every last candy dish, faucet and knickknack. The times spent with these women that I love so much were full of fun and laughter. I never considered it a job. And I remember how happy and proud they were of how beautifully clean their homes were. I was always happy and full with a sense of pride. I carry that love with me every day of my life.”

After working for years in business and banking, Bollo decided she wanted to work for herself. Her love for cleaning pushed her to start a cleaning company —the traditional kind, where oyu hire cleaners to come ot your home.  Decades later, she decided to take her business to a new level by teaching homeowners to clean themselves. She taught some adult school classes, wrote articles for North Jersey Woman Magazine, and wrote her own book titled Clean It Right: The Proper Art of Cleaning.

clean it rightToday, Clean it Right services educate people on proper cleaning methods, which cleaners to use, and how to use them safely. In addition, Clean it Right works with people remodeling their homes to make the best choices when choosing countertops, tiles, flooring and appliances.

Looking to learn how to clean your home better? Reach out to Bollo for a consultation. In the meantime, read her top 5 cleaning tips:

  1. Invest in a good ostrich feather duster — they work best. They really do trap and hold the dust. They are also washable. You can wash them in warm water and soap rinse it in plain water — shake it and let it air dry. They can be used for years!
  2. Invest in an inexpensive Eureka the Boss upright vacuum cleaner (model 1934) and a Eureka mighty mite small canister vacuum cleaner. Both vacuums are very affordable basic vacuums and work like a charm.
  3. Invest in an old-fashioned string mop. These mops work best! They can get up against edges of the floors under furniture and into corners that a Sponge Mop cannot. Make sure that your mop is damp, not soaking wet. Wring it out well. Be sure to vacuum your floor before mopping, use the proper cleaner for your floor surface and dilute your cleaner properly in water.
  4. Use the “ceiling to floor” cleaning method. Top of the room to bottom of the room cleaning works best.
  5. Be sure to choose the correct cleaners for your home surfaces and cleaners that fit your lifestyle and living habits. Carefully read all instructions on the containers of the cleaners and never mix cleaners!! Use cleaners properly and safely.