130809_sz_foam_146-hVan Halen said it in 1984 and kids know it’s true now: You might as well JUMP. And the Sky Zone trampoline park in Pinebrook is a perfect local way to go ahead and jump.

My 6-year-old son bounced in for a 60-minute session and had nothing but raves (Sky Zone offers 30, 60, 90 and 120-minute options). “The best part is there’s a dodgeball pit with trampolines,” he told me. Ultimate Dodgeball is one of four activities at Sky Zone, along with the Main Court of connected trampolines, the Foam Zone (pits filled with foam cubes) and the bouncy basketball Sky Slam courts. And at each station, the staff members are well-trained and extremely helpful.

All kids are required to wear a pair of Sky Socks, which are $2 but can be reused for future visits. The bright-orange socks have small rubber treads on the soles that help kids do maximum jumping with minimum slips and falls.

(Just in case you’re worried about slips and falls, know that Sky Zone is, too—all parents have to fill out and sign a detailed waiver for each visit.)

As much fun as my son had going to Pine Brook for some bouncing with a buddy, he came back with even ravier reviews when he was invited for a birthday party there. As with many places that offer parties, Sky Zone offers private rooms for post-bounce pizza and cake, and it’s a solid addition to any parent’s list of party place options.

Speaking of parents, Sky Zone can be a full-family workout. Adults can join in the jumping, and the Pine Brook facility even has a calendar of Skyrobics/Skyfit classes that add some bounce to your workout regimen. “Adults would like it,” according to my son, “maybe with their kids.”


And Sky Zone is very much a full workout. Because nearly every surface in the facility is a trampoline (except the observation balcony for nonbouncing parents), kids can burn off a ton of energy in any kind of weather and any size group. It’s designed for nonstop fun, as as my son summed it up, “At the end, you feel good.”

Sky Zone is located at 60 Chapin Road in Pine Brook. Open jump sessions are $10 for 30 min., $20 for 60 min., $25 for 90 min. and $30 for 120 min.; other specialty sessions available. Visit www.skyzone.com/pinebrook for more info, or call 973.396.4001.

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  1. I love trampolines. I had a full size trampoline in my backyard growing up in the 70’s (no spring covers, no nets) and it was great, and all our friends loved it, including the kid who landed on his head and ended up at the hospital.

    But seriously, the reason they need that detailed waiver is because this is an activity that has a high injury rate, and trampoline park injuries have increased significantly over the last 5-10 years. Like I said, I love trampolines, but you need to know the reality before your kids heads out to the trampoline park.



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