Pagan Thanksgiving

The story goes — 26 years ago, a few guys going to Montclair State decided to throw a Thanksgiving feast the Monday before the actual holiday. About 20 people showed up, and there was plenty of beer, but not much in the way of napkins and silverware. Hence the nickname: The Pagan Thanksgiving.

Throughout the years Pagan Thanksgiving has grown into a full feast with many more guests.

This year, the 26th Annual Pagan Thanksgiving shindig will take place at a new location in Montclair — Fin, but the feast is the same. They’ll be food, drink, and the annual Wishbone Grudge Match! They’ll cook up turkeys, ham, potatoes, stuffing. You bring a delicious side dish to share. If you are too busy to prepare something, no problem. Go and have fun, and please consider making a donation. Every year, the organizers of Pagan Thanksgiving collect donations for the Human Needs Food Pantry of Montclair. Your donation ensures that a hungry person receives nutritious food with dignity.

“We are grateful and excited that Fin will host the 26th annual Pagan Thanksgiving Feast,” says James Cotter, one of the organizers, who adds, “The best cure for an election hangover is not a one way ticket to Canada; it’s hoisting a glass, grabbing a fork and celebrating with friends for a great cause – the Human Needs Food Pantry!”

Pagan Thanksgiving
The Monday Before Thanksgiving – November 21. Cash bar at 7 pm, Dinner at 8 pm
Fin, 183 Glenridge Ave, Montclair, NJ, 07042
For questions, directions and info: Call the Pagan hotline – 973.746.WORD (9673)